How to design LED transparent display into mall display system?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-10-19 11:34 Views: 568

As a diversified commercial space, large shopping malls not only provide customers with shopping and consumption, but also are equipped with advanced commercial service facilities that can attract consumers, so as to ultimately meet consumers' shopping and entertainment needs. Therefore, the use of the multimedia display system in shopping malls does not simply pursue commercial advertising effects, but more creative applications to comprehensively improve the level and value of the business district. LED transparent screen, also known as LED ice screen, is a kind of LED display screen. Because the screen body is as transparent as 70% - 95%, it is called transparent screen. The panel thickness is only 10mm, very light and very thin. It is an extension of traditional LED display screen. It is usually used in combination with glass to make the monotonous glass become an advertising carrier, which is very popular with businesses.

How to design LED transparent display into the display system of shopping malls? Next, Liancheng Fa will summarize the requirements for the installation and application of LED transparent screens in shopping malls.

1、 Indoor installation requirements of shopping malls

Main function: as the role of advertising screen, it can also meet the needs of design and create a good shopping atmosphere.

Features: personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment; Space art effect display; The modeling is complex and changeable; Different installation methods.

Application scenario: atrium location of shopping mall, glass window of brand chain store, etc.


The plastic transparent LED display screen can be selected for indoor environment, and diversified modeling design can be carried out, and the size and shape can be customized, so that the creativity can be fully displayed, and more scientific feeling and visual experience can be brought.

2、 Outdoor installation requirements of shopping malls

Main functions: brand promotion; Advertising broadcast; Information transmission.


1. High brightness requirements for display screen outdoors;

2. The display screen is required to have a high level of protection in a pure outdoor environment, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof;

3. The viewing distance is far and the screen area is large.

Application scenario: glass curtain wall, solid exterior wall, roof, etc.


For the glass curtain wall environment, the LED transparent screen can respond well, highlighting the advertising information without affecting the glass curtain, wall lighting and the view of indoor personnel; It has a high protection level of IP65, and can customize 10000 level highlights, with good heat dissipation performance. In addition, it can realize waterproof, dust-proof, fireproof, low temperature, high temperature, lightning protection and corrosion protection. It is an ideal choice for outdoor building exterior walls and building roof display screen buildings.