How is the outdoor full-color LED display waterproof?

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With the rapid development of society, the use of LED displays is becoming more and more common, but the waterproof function of LED displays is also our concern, especially for outdoor LED displays. Do you have any questions about the waterproof level of the LED display shell? As far as we know, Lianchengfa LED display manufacturers will briefly sort out the relevant knowledge of outdoor LED display waterproof for you.

The focus of outdoor full-color LED display is waterproof:

Outdoor LED screens should not only consider the problem of moisture, but also do daily maintenance such as waterproofing, especially in rainy seasons, so a good sealing installation can help the display screen reduce the risk of water ingress, and regularly clean the dust attached to the inside and outside of the display screen , It can also help the display screen to dissipate heat better and reduce the adhesion of water vapor.

After the led display is invaded by moisture, it will cause many failures and dead lights, so the most important thing is that the most important thing for outdoor full-color LED display waterproof is to prevent it during production and construction, and try to avoid it in the early stage.

During use, excessive humidity will cause the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the LED display to be easily oxidized and corroded, resulting in failure. So this requires us to do anti-corrosion treatment on the PCB when making LED displays, such as coating the surface with conformal paint, etc., and use high-quality accessories for the power supply and power cord. The selected waterproof box has better sealing performance, and the screen body must reach IP65. Welding is the place that is most likely to be corroded. Pay attention to protection work, especially the frame, which is easy to rust, so do a good job of anti-rust treatment.

Secondly, for different unit board materials, professional waterproof coatings are required. Here we use the P10 full-color outdoor LED display as an example. First, confirm whether the P10 full-color outdoor unit board is magnetized or screwed (screws are better than magnets); secondly, is there a waterproof groove on the unit board kit? If so, the front waterproof is basically not a big problem, even if The cell board is held on with magnets no problem. Finally, we also need to pay attention to the waterproof problem of the back panel of the outdoor LED display, because in the process of using the display, the back panel LED display is not only heat dissipation, but also has great convenience in dealing with waterproof performance. sex. When dealing with the waterproof coating on the back, pay more attention to the waterproof performance of the aluminum-plastic panel of the small strip display on the back. Use an electric drill to design a row of drains under the aluminum-plastic panel, which is not only conducive to the waterproofing of the display, but also to the heat dissipation of the display. The best way to handle the display.

The other part needs to be implemented in the specific construction site; in the structural design, the combination of prevention and drainage; after the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, it can be considered to have a hollow bubble tube structure, small compression set rate, and elongation at break. High performance sealing strip material; after selecting the sealing strip material, it is necessary to design the appropriate contact surface and contact force according to the characteristics of the sealing strip material, so that the sealing strip can be squeezed to a dense state. In some installations, waterproof grooves and other positions, do key protection to ensure that there will be no water accumulation inside the display. Only in this way can we ensure that when the display screen is used in the rainy season, there will be no quality problems caused by any human factors.


LED displays in high-temperature and high-humidity areas need to be dehumidified frequently

Finally, whether it is an indoor screen or an outdoor screen, the most effective way to avoid moisture damage to the display function is to use it frequently. The working display screen itself will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, which greatly reduces the Possibility of moisture causing short circuits. Therefore, the screens that are often used have much less impact on the humidity of the screens that are not commonly used. Liancheng suggested that the LED screen display should be used at least once a week during the rainy season, and the screen should be turned on at least once a month and lit for more than 2 hours.

In addition to paying attention to waterproof and moisture-proof during the rainy season for the installed LED display, engineering companies and channel dealers also need to understand how the LED display will be treated with water in the warehouse.

The correct way to deal with water entering the LED display screen:

1. Use a fan or other tools at the fastest speed to completely dry the water-filled LED display screen.

2. Power on and age the completely dried screen body, the specific steps are as follows:

a. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 10%, power on and age for 8-12 hours.

b. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 30%, and age it for 12 hours.

c. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 60%, power on and age for 12-24 hours.

d. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 80%, power on and age for 12-24 hours.

e. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 100%, and power it on for 8-12 hours.

After completing the above steps, the LED display screen will basically return to normal; however, the following points need to be paid attention to during the processing:

1. Do not put the water-filled LED display screen into the flight case, as it will easily suffocate the LED lights.

2. When water enters the warehouse, the air boxes may be flooded. All air boxes should be exposed to the sun to prevent moisture from volatilizing into the LED display after the box is packed.

3. Failure to deal with all flooded LED displays in time may affect the stability of the screen to a greater or lesser extent. In the process of emergency treatment, the screen may continue to die after being powered on.

4. All flooded LED display screens are in the flight case. After more than 72 hours, the screen body basically has no repair value, please handle it with caution.

Waterproof classification of outdoor LED display:

It may be easier for everyone to give an example to introduce the waterproof parameters of the LED display: for example, the protection level of the display is IP54, IP is the marked letter, the number 5 is the first marked number, and 4 is the second marked number. The first reference number indicates the level of protection against contact and foreign objects, and the second reference number indicates the level of protection against water. It should be noted that the second characteristic number after IP is 6 and below, as the number becomes larger, the test becomes stricter gradually. In other words, the LED display marked as IPX6 can pass the tests of IPX5, IPX4, IPX3, IPX2, IPX1, and IPX0 at the same time. The test with the second characteristic number 7 or 8 after IP is different from the test type of 6 or less. In other words, marking as IPX7 or marking as IPX8 does not mean that it meets the requirements of IPX6 and IPX5 at the same time. LED displays that meet the requirements of IPX7 and IPX6 can be identified as IPX7/IPX6.

The outdoor LED full-color display has a waterproof rating of IP65, 6 is to prevent objects and dust from entering the screen, and 5 is to prevent water from entering the screen when it is sprayed. Of course, there is no problem for heavy rain. The simple box of outdoor waterproof LED display is generally marked with a front waterproof IP65, because the simple box has no back door, and this design is convenient for the machine to dissipate heat. Waterproof wrapping treatment, the waterproof effect also reaches IP65, and now outdoor full-color LED displays mostly use simple boxes. Conventional LED outdoor direct plug-in light full-color screen is an outdoor waterproof display box after the outdoor module and closed box structure are processed, and the waterproof display box is assembled into an outdoor full-color screen. Therefore, the display box is the basic unit that makes up the display body.

Using box structure:

1. It is convenient for scheduling, aging and on-site maintenance;

Two, easy to pack and transport;

3. On-site installation and disassembly are convenient. A display module is installed in front of the display cabinet, and a display driver circuit board is fixed inside the cabinet. The switching power supply is installed on the back cover of the box. On the back cover of the cabinet, there are also exhaust fans, punched shutters and so on. The inner and outer surfaces of the box are sprayed with plastic, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, etc., and provides guarantee for the safety of the display body.

1), as far as the structure of the display screen is concerned,

2), first of all, the module should be an outdoor waterproof module,

3) The back of the second module should be painted with conformal paint,

4) Thirdly, the cabinet should be a waterproof cabinet with good airtightness, so you can do a waterproof test by spraying water on the surface of the display screen.

After a number of tests, the IP protection level of the outdoor full-color LED display waterproof box must reach IP65 to achieve true waterproofing. Lianchengfa is a world-leading provider of LED display applications and solutions, as well as a national-level professional and special new small giant enterprise. The main business covers four major sections: "Smart City", "Cultural Tourism Commercial Performance", "Commercial Display Engineering", and "Content Technology". It has the world's leading automated production equipment, modern post-doctoral research laboratories and comprehensive sales and services. team. Friends who want to buy LED displays can also contact us Lianchengfa led display manufacturer, a big country brand, trustworthy!