What are the Scanning Methods of LED Full-Color Electronic Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-02 15:02 Views: 720

There are 16 scans, 8 scans, 4 scans, etc. in the full-color LED display series, and the differences between them are as follows:

1. The scanning method of the LED display screen is different;

2. The brightness of the LED electronic display is different (16s is less than 8s and less than 4s);

3. The quotations are different, which may be understood as the number of driver IC chips used (the same type of 16s is lower than 8s and lower than 4s)

LED displays on the current market can be roughly divided into two methods: static scanning and dynamic scanning! Static scanning is divided into static real pixels and static virtual! Dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real image and dynamic virtual, with 2 scans, 4 scans, 8 scans, and 16 scans respectively.


List and explain: an outdoor PH16 commonly used full-color module pixel is 16*8 (2R1G1B), if it is driven by MBI5026, the module uses a total of: 16*8*(2+1+1)=512 lights, MBI5026 is a 16-bit chip, 512/16=32

1. If 32 MBI5026 chips are used, it is a static virtual

2. If 16 MBI5026 chips are used, it is a dynamic 1/2 scan virtual

3. If you use 8 MBI5026 chips, it is a dynamic 1/4 scan virtual, if it is a full-color LED display unit board, two red lights are connected in series

4. Use 24 MBI5026 chips, which are static real pixels