Helping the exhibition hall, LED display is very popular

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With the development of the exhibition and display industry, the application of exhibition facilities in the exhibition halls of the exhibition halls has increased. Refresh rate and other advantages have entered the application market in the field of exhibition and display. The use of LED displays in the display industry not only shines the light of technology in the exhibition hall, but also achieves the beauty of the exhibition. Therefore, LED display is favored by various exhibition halls such as science and technology museums, cultural museums, planning exhibition halls, real estate exhibition halls, enterprise exhibition halls, etc., and has gradually become the standard of major exhibition halls. In the field of exhibition and display industry, it will help the publicity and output of cultural and scientific knowledge, and the LED display will further consolidate its application in the exhibition hall in the future.


How does LED display enter the field of exhibition display

The World Expo in 2010 was an unprecedented event. This exhibition blew a vigorous spring breeze to the domestic exhibition and display industry, and it was the first time in front of the Chinese people that it clearly confirmed the super case of the successful connection between "exhibition display" and "brand value". In a long period of time after the World Expo, modern exhibitions, whether traditional commercial exhibitions, themed cultural galleries, and urban planning exhibitions, have been endowed with greater magic in the era of big information and big media. After the World Expo, China's exhibition and display industry has grown rapidly, and its development has grown to a considerable scale. According to the "China Exhibition Economic Development Report 2021" (hereinafter referred to as the report), the pace of construction of large-scale exhibition venues in my country in 2021 will accelerate against the trend. In 2021, the number of exhibition halls nationwide will be 151, a year-on-year increase of about 1.3%; the total indoor rentable area will be about 10.34 million square meters, a year-on-year increase of about 7.9%. The entire exhibition industry is showing an upward development trend.

The exhibition and display industry has grown steadily from the silence in the past to the present. In the past, the exhibition halls of the exhibition halls mostly used static picture display, model display or ordinary multimedia display, and the whole exhibition hall presented a dull atmosphere. Now, the information dissemination carrier and the architectural design of the exhibition halls are all different. Changes have been made, the adoption of various high-definition display devices is common, and the sci-fi XR virtual technology and immersive space are all presented in front of people's eyes. The exhibition halls that seek to enhance the sense of technology and interaction have increased the purchase and use of new display equipment. As a display terminal with powerful information dissemination functions and a full sense of science and technology, the LED display screen also takes this opportunity to be used in the exhibition industry. got a new stage.

The fact that the LED display screen can enter the stage of the exhibition is caused by subjective and objective factors. First of all, the LED display industry has developed for many years and is now very mature. The LED display products are complete, which can meet different application needs and can be installed reasonably in combination with different application places. In the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall, you can choose not only conventional high-definition small-pitch LED displays to carry and play the display content, but also special-shaped LED displays with unique shapes for information output in combination with the dissemination content, and you can also choose interactive LED floor tiles. The screen and the deep and broad LED sky screen jointly build an immersive space. Secondly, on the road of pursuing digitization and technology in the exhibition hall, LED display is an important display terminal for realizing AR/VR, XR virtual technology, metaverse and other black technologies into people's field of vision. Therefore, LED display can be used by the exhibition hall. seen in the showroom.

Culture and technology dance together, enjoy a unique visual feast

Thanks to the development of the exhibition industry, the LED display can present countless extreme visual feasts on the stage of the exhibition hall and exhibition hall, and it also accelerates the pace of the exhibition industry towards digital display. Now whether it is in science and technology museums, cultural museums, planning exhibition halls, or in real estate exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, and memorial halls, in most cases, you can see cases where LED displays are used.

The example of museum application of LED display has to mention the Tibet Museum. Under the wave of digital construction, the Tibet Museum is also vigorously promoting the construction of emerging exhibition methods. The museum adopts customized display products and solutions, using special-shaped LED display, immersive environment Interactive and other innovative technologies show the long history and splendid culture of Tibet. Here, people can see an ultra-high-definition micro-pitch spherical screen called "Earth pulsation". This special-shaped screen breaks through the traditional flat display and shows the reproduction and changes of the earth since its birth in a more three-dimensional manner. "Earth pulsation" has a chord length of 1.4 meters, a chord height of 0.455 meters, and a total area of 2.2 square meters. It adopts point-by-point correction technology, with bright colors, high resolution and high precision. The mountains change on the screen, making it full of mystery and cool feeling. The high refresh rate of 3840Hz can meet the shooting needs of tourists. The system supports access to a variety of signal sources, combined with digital technology to make the display more flexible.

The application of LED display screens in Tibet Museum is one of the cases where many museums have adopted new exhibition methods. LED display screens can not only play a good role in promoting display in museums, but also in the technological construction of urban planning exhibition halls. The effect is obvious. In June of this year, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall ended its more than one year renovation and unveiled the mysterious veil. The entire venue has been fully upgraded. The 360° digital ring screen show in the preface hall is very shocking. This digital ring screen It has the characteristics of ultra-thin anti-shedding, low noise and high load, and high-speed circular motion. Stepping into the prologue hall, a huge double-sided curved LED display system hangs under the circular dome, and the screen slowly unfolds, instantly filling the entire exhibition hall with a sense of technology, showing the all-encompassing urban beauty of Shanghai in the form of dynamic performances.

The application of LED display screens in various exhibition halls and exhibition halls has increased day by day in recent years. On the one hand, the exhibition display industry conforms to the trend of the times and the demand for creating more attractive exhibition halls and exhibition halls is rising. On the other hand, the influence of encouragement is also related to the country's emphasis on cultural and educational information publicity. Therefore, the current exhibition hall is not only a display place for exhibits. In addition to the display of items or information, the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall is also covered with a layer of cultural science and education. significance. In order to better realize the information dissemination purpose of the exhibition, the exhibition hall has paid more and more attention to the diversity of exhibition methods and the richness of expression methods. Therefore, the exhibition hall has discovered the versatility of the LED display, and seized the characteristics of the exhibition hall and the exhibition hall. Come up with the theme, choose the appropriate LED display products, and jointly create a digital exhibition hall with display significance, technological color and cultural charm, so that the exhibition effect can be optimal.

Show more variety, feel more immersive

The application of LED displays in different exhibition halls has put on the halls of dream, technology and peculiarity, and tasted the unique visual feast brought by technology exhibitions. In the future, the audience's demand for immersive and sci-fi interactive exhibitions will increase. LED The display screen can also continue to expand its own market in this field, and also promote the combination and mature application of LED display screen and new technologies, and promote industry renewal. In the current exhibition halls of major exhibition halls, we have been able to see many exhibition halls that create immersive, dream-like immersive spaces. The sci-fi sense of the exhibition hall has been pushed to another level, allowing black technology to step down from the altar and come to people.

The "Time Tunnel" of the World Ginkgo Expo Park in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province is an example of using LED displays to build an immersive space. Once the Expo Park "Time Tunnel" was put into use, people lined up in long queues to experience the simulated "Time Tunnel". The project is built by a well-known technology company. Both sides of the tunnel are equipped with high-definition small-pitch LED screens. The time tunnel is 16 meters deep and 4.5 meters high. The interactive floor screen with intelligent induction at the bottom is 16 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. The bottom is all in one. All images have undergone special 3D processing, and the high-contrast, high-definition, small-pitch LED large screen presents a surreal picture sense. The passage of time and space brings infinite reverie, allowing people to visit and relax here, feel the beauty of technology, and experience the exhibition space. more possibilities.

The emergence of the "Time Tunnel" in the Expo Park shows that people have a high acceptance of more diversified displays and more experiential immersive spaces, and it also proves that the current exhibition industry is using LED displays to build immersive spaces. It is relatively mature, and it is expected that there will be more large, medium and small immersive spaces out of the circle in the future.

With its innate sense of technology and its ability to combine with VR/AR, XR and other technologies in a smart and convenient way, LED displays bring a unique black technology visual feast, which is gradually being seen in the field of exhibition and display. Although the market in the field is not huge, the application demand will definitely increase in the future. At the same time, there will be more screen companies entering the exhibition track in the future, but the screen companies that are deeply involved in this track, as long as they keep their focus on the subdivisions, will be like the wine in the cellar that will become more mellow over time. In the same way, because of its own precipitation, it will become more sophisticated and professional in the field of exhibition and display, and the segmented market will also give back to more market demand for screen companies.

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