Indulge in the mountains and rivers, roam the time-Jiliancheng's trip to the yellow fruit tree

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Introduction: "Benevolent people enjoy mountains, wise people enjoy water", Guizhou's scenery has both the characteristics of beautiful mountains and beautiful waters. The deep gorge, valleys and ridges, natural origin, primitive simplicity, and the most simple interpretation of the natural beauty. On December 13th, Lianchengfa Anshun Subsidiary Lianshunda Technology opened grandly. With the joy of opening, we also embarked on a tour of Guizhou landscape.


 "You are carrying a burden, and I will lead a horse to usher in the sunrise and send away the sunset. Stepping down the bumps into the road, fighting against the difficulties and dangers, then set off, and set off..." A particularly familiar song, full of memories, Huangguoshu Waterfall, here we are!



       First stop: Steep Pond 


The clear air, the gentle mountain breeze, no sunshine, and no drizzle. This is a suitable day for traveling. The laughter and joy along the way will make the slightly bitter winter also lively.

   Doupotang Waterfall is the waterfall that the four masters and apprentices walked through at the end of Journey to the West. The drop is not very large, but the width is the largest in the Huangguoshu Waterfalls. Because of the sound of the waterfall, it is also called "Roaring Waterfall". The sound of gurgling water flows from far to near, and lively and cheerful notes leaps and rushes under the feet.



The release on the road is the release of mind and body. Our Korean agent, in front of the beautiful scenery, changed from the serious face of the past, and smiled very warmly.

Second stop: Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area

  The Tianxingqiao Scenic Area is a particularly interesting place. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as "shifting the scenery". The mountains and forests are verdant, and the mountains, rocks, trees, and water are beautifully combined here. You can swim with fish and fine rocks without obstruction; The spring water hits the stone and sings. Here are the "Wanqiu Bonsai" praised by tourists as "the wind knife and water sword", and there are also the "eternal paintings" with "root pens, vines and ink paintings on silk".


The so-called beautiful scenery is hidden in the depths, winding up along the stone steps, passing by a raised banyan tree with a stone sign at the bottom of the tree. It turns out that this is the legendary "beauty banyan". The roots of the banyan tree are coiled and the branches are staggered, which looks like a human shape. , But how to distinguish it, everyone can't understand it for a while.



The winding stone path runs through the walls, trenches, and crevices. Here, the friends lined up, "If you want to cross the rock from now on, who dares not to sideways"! This distinctive sideways rock has a devil's figure when he has been on his side, and his standard figure when he has been on his side. Is that you who can't make it through?


   Third stop: Huangguoshu Waterfall


      After walking through Huangguoshu Park, which is full of bonsai, I climbed down the stairs and heard the faint sound of waterfalls. The sound was clearly nearby, but I still walked for about half an hour. This is a waterfall from far to near, from left to right, from top to bottom, claiming to be the only waterfall that can be viewed in 360 degrees without blind spots.


      Although it is a dry season, the shock that Huangguoshu Waterfall brings to us is not diminished. When I walked closer, I looked down at the deep pool. A wave of clear water did not see the bottom, and the mist came over my face. The wonderful air released by the mountains and waterfalls washed away the dust and fatigue all the way, and the impetuousness in the city for a long time was also at this moment. Go quietly, the original beautiful place always makes people happy.


           After strolling to the big waterfall, there is a water curtain hole that traverses the entire waterfall. There are many cracks in the rock wall, like a small window. Looking out through the cave window, the sound of the waterfall is full of thrilling, thrilling, water curtains, and within reach, even though water sprays on our bodies from time to time, we stayed here for a long time, reluctant to leave.

          life is long so add oil! Although the pleasant trip is over, the memory will not be lost. The beautiful scenery is wonderful, and the company on the road is even more precious. I hope that in the future, we can continue to laugh and grow together, and devote greater enthusiasm to In the future life and work, we will embark on a new journey with the company and create new brilliance!


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