LCF: Start a Prairie Fire, Build a Brand Monument

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Introduction: LED display industry of China and around the world on the basis of the technology and level, it should be said is quite advanced, main products and key technology with the international advanced level of the industry to maintain consistent, but in the product standardization, the whole system design, reliability, manufacturing process, detection test means good and bad are intermingled, and abroad have obvious difference.


The so-called "world LED to See China, Chinese LED to see Shenzhen". LCF, a local LED enterprise in Shenzhen, entered 2018 with honor after 14 years of steady progress. What are some of the big moves that have rocked the industry at the start of the New Year?


The channel revolution is catching fire.


There is a famous saying in business activities: "He who gets channels gets the world". Without the help of channels, products are difficult to reach the terminal, channel as the sales channel of enterprises, is the "capillary" of enterprises, its importance is self-evident. Since the release of the channel market of LCF bureau in 2017, the channel construction has been quite effective. The professional marketing team has selected high-quality dealers and agents throughout the country, and at the same time, made good connection with local capital, talent and technology output, radiated to the whole country by point and area, resulting in a wide range of influence.



   LCF Wholesale LED Module


In channels, however, laid more perfect path, through the communication with dealers, in view of the different models, the public more hope can integrate stitching way, which, for the size of the channel module unity is particularly necessary module standardization, will be able to increase the stability and reliability of the LED display and versatility.


Due to the existence of various module sizes and specifications, it is very inconvenient for users to change damaged modules and brands. In response to public demand, LCF made a major decision at the end of 2017 to unify the size of channel modules. In the short term, this has caused some troubles to the development of LCF. The current situation of demand exceeding supply and the sudden unification of module size has exerted unpredictable pressure on all aspects of the company. But in the long run, it has laid a good foundation for shortening the production cycle of the company, accelerating the output of production capacity, reducing procurement and production costs, improving customer satisfaction, meeting project bidding, expanding channel market and other development of the company. In the process of using LED display, customers can realize any upgrade, replacement and mixing of products with different spacing, which fundamentally benefits many parties.


Currently, LCF channel module adopts 320 x160mm size series, product types include: indoor P1.53/1.667/1.839/2/2.5/3.077/4/5, outdoor P4/5/6.67/8/10, a total of 13. Since then, LCF has formally entered into a standardized, rapid and large-scale production process, greatly improved the cost performance of products, and assumed the responsibility of taking the lead in changing the chaotic situation of channel market.


Step out of your comfort zone.


As we all know, 2017 was a "bumper year" for the small-pitch LED display industry. In 2017, LCF small spacing also harvested a lot. However, compared with the previous three years of continuous doubling growth, the growth rate of the small space market has declined by more than half, not to escape the impact of the "price war". Under this big pattern, the industry competition in 2018 is bound to be more intense, and the market challenge is bound to be greater.


Since its establishment, LCF has been focusing on the RESEARCH and development, production and sales of LED full-color display panels. It has accumulated rich practical experience in electronics, structure and process, and has been quite mature in technology and process. With stable and reliable quality and high cost performance, LCF has won popular support. In 2018, independent research and development of LCF P1.25 / P1.5625 / P1.667 / P1.923 small spacing (200 x150mm module size) LED general body passed that examination of the last link, will with subversive design, new attitude in the small space market.


LCF Fine Pitch LED Cabinet


Cabinet 400mm length, 300mm width, conventional box size, easy to create a suitable environment of visual proportion; Box body structure using aluminum alloy, the total thickness of the whole box is 80mm, weight 4.8kg, high precision, good strength, strong force capacity, ultra-light a box weight than die cast aluminum box 40% lighter, substantial cost savings, box tension test reached 300kg, installation is more firm, will be practical and beautiful perfect combination. It can be used independently, or multiple boxes can be jointed seamlessly to any large screen size, so as to meet the requirements of lifting and fixing in various occasions inside and outside the home.


Module separation structure design, processing, assembly, debugging and other processes and common display module is the same, very easy to mass production; Box frame and unit board can be installed separately to avoid knock lamp; Fast lock design, only 20 seconds to install, more portable, safer; Special anti-electromagnetic interference function and good heat dissipation performance, effectively protect the module circuit; Single module can be removed from the screen body for replacement and maintenance, and the back cover of the box body can also be removed freely for easy maintenance; High efficiency and energy saving LED wick, low energy consumption, less heat, long life.


Because this box supports many types of products, it can be easily upgraded, the box box can also be used indefinitely, the overall design reflects the concept of environmental protection of LCF. Stitching trimmer lock, truly achieve seamless stitching, is the only choice for indoor HD display solution.


For technological innovation, LCF has been working hard. Just as The founder of LCF Long Pingfang said, "The glory of the past is like a haven, which is a wonderful comfort zone. But there is still so far to go in the future. Only by going out and taking the lead can we have more wonderful experiences.


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