LCF 2020 Autumn New Product Launch Conference Is a Complete Success

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As the saying goes, gold nine silver ten, harvest just in time! After sowing in spring and working in summer, LCF shared the harvest of autumn with guests and friends from all over the world on the afternoon of September 2nd. The 2020 autumn new product release conference with the theme of "Gather momentum · Seek far" was a complete success.



At the beginning, Mr. Mao, deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors of the Company, explained the introduction of the company. Through his introduction, we have a deeper understanding of LCF's business philosophy, benchmark projects, history and future development direction.



Next by the domestic marketing center marketing director Wang, he focused on the launch of LCF L-series of products "LXX K series", "LXX T series", "intelligent all-in-one LTV ".


First of all, the market capacity of small space starts. The "cake" of the performing arts market is huge and the future can be expected! But the pain point is still in, then launched a representative of the "small spacing ultra-thin box"! Display effect is the primary consideration factor of scene demand, different scene use, different cost and so on have different requirements for point spacing standard; And LXX K series covers P1.25/ P1.5625/ P1.875/ P2.5; Fine pitch series across traditional spacing; Can meet the needs of various scenarios display, different price options!



Standardization is the development trend of the industry. The 16:9 display ratio also matches the 1920X1080 display ratio of high-definition video. Each cabinet of the LXX K series is designed according to the 16:9 size, and the standard 2K display can be easily assembled according to the size of the scene. Large screens of different sizes and equal proportions, showing perfect high-definition pictures;


     The "thickness" of the traditional LED display is actually the biggest flaw in its unbeautiful appearance, while the LXX K series cabinet is as thin as the diameter of a "1 yuan coin", installed on the wall, like an exquisite mural! The weight of a single box is less than 5KG, and it is very light to install and transport! In addition, the GOB process has the functions of anti-shock, dust and moisture, and can make the ink color of the display more uniform!


Then also launched a "intelligent all-in-one LTV", after he introduced, there are many display products on the market such as projection, LCD flat panel, LCD splicing screen, LED engineering screen, there are certain congenital "defects", such as unclear, brightness is not enough, size is limited, slow start, complex line, not intelligent and so on; Obviously can not meet the current user more and more "harsh" demand! Therefore, LCF to create a set can be customized oversized, HD display, intelligent integration, multi-functional use, easy installation, convenient maintenance of the "understand you" intelligent terminal all-in-one LTV2.0.


Intelligent All-in-One LTV2.0

Four Sizes

At the Same Time, We Invited Ms. Hao Rongrong from the Special Way Column Group of China SATELLITE TV

The purpose of this conference is to promote the expansion of LCF's standardized and intelligent product series in 2020. The company attaches great importance to it, and finally invited the founder of LCF, Ms. Long Pingfang, to give a speech! She believes that the more difficult it is, the more courageous it is to move forward. Although the epidemic has not really ended, it is necessary to advance through the difficulties and show more products of LCF to customers, expand LCF’s reputation, and build LCF Develop a brand and strive to become a dark horse in the display industry. Keep up with the pace of industry development, step by step, plan the long-term layout of LCF in the future; the implementation of deployment is step by step, and maintain vitality under the premise of equal emphasis on courage and execution.


2020 is destined to become a "new era". The service industry is destined to be richer and more extensive, with higher requirements and simplification; four changes of standardization, refinement, simplification, and intelligence are an important part of the integration strategy of Lianchengfa , LXX series and intelligent terminal all-in-one are representative products.