The "Dragon Series" is getting more and more courageous, and the "new mode" is shared with you!

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2019-07-29 14:36 Views: 1864

     On the road to success, a good partner is the key point. As the saying goes, eating alone is never happier than sharing with everyone, so a good money-making model must be wet and dew! On July 27, 2019, Lianchengfa's national tour exhibition in South China officially kicked off. Lianchengfa proposed a new solution to the traditional mode of the stage and leasing industry, which will present the ultimate audio-visual feast for the exhibition audience. Nanning, Here we are! 

        Nanning was in full swing in July, but it couldn't resist everyone's enthusiastic yearning for a new model of stage art leasing. This conference Lianchengfa broke through the traditional model of stage art leasing industry and brought an unprecedented new ecological model of stage art leasing industry. As the representative of Lianchengfa, Ms. Wei Yuhong, the vice president of Lianchengfa, performed a perfect interpretation of the new ecological model. From the aspects of products, services, capital investment, cost recovery, etc., he analyzed the problems and proposed solutions. Our pain points in the industry successfully resonated with all industry professionals.
        The continuous enthusiasm in the air pushed the enthusiasm of the meeting to a climax. After the speech sharing, everyone flocked to the development position of Liancheng, rushing to learn from the staff about the new "make money" model brought by Liancheng. After all Everyone is looking forward to the coming of reform. As the new hope of the stage art leasing industry, who doesn't want to embrace the trend? Everyone wants to change the status quo. Those who act first will definitely have more hope than others!
        At the scene, Lianchengfa not only brought a new ecological model of stage art rental, but also brought professionally built "Dragon Series" LED display products such as "Dragon" and "Dragon Art" for the stage. The craftsmanship of "Dragon Art" is amazing. As a stage performance screen, the staff's most headache is the maintenance work, and the "Dragon Series" greatly reduces the troubles of the staff from the protection technology, and the process design that supports the front maintenance is even more so People's Congress praised!