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   Long Teng Four Seas and Dragons in the world, on October 13th, Liancheng issued the "Long Teng Jubilee" LED display at the same time to shine on Wilber Pan’s creative messenger Coming home tour-Beijing Station, Angela Chang's Fables World Tour-Chengdu Station, 2019 Crossover Singer This The three major performing arts scenes brought the audience a new realm of "the most flammable and most explosive" super audiovisual.


Wilber Pan 2019 Founder Coming home tour concert in Beijing Station
         At 19:00 on October 13th, Wilber Pan’s "Coming home" concert tour in Beijing was very hot. "I Have to Love", "My Microphone"...Each melody contains the memory of youth, thousands of viewers. Wilber Pan came here, but also gathered here for the green years. The on-site visual "Long Teng Xi" creates a luxurious style of stage beauty. The laser light is intertwined with light and dark, and the VCR warms the heart. It is not only a shock by the music vision, but also a tribute to youth.


                                                               Angela Chang's 2019 Fable World Tour Chengdu Station Site 

Wandering lonely every time, being strong

Every time I am hurt, I don’t shed tears

I know I always have double invisible wings


      Time will never disappoint people who work hard. Looking forward to many years our once "Queen of Stage" Angela Chang is back again, this time will lead us into the world of fables. The whole round of concerts has spent tens of millions to create brand new visual lighting and stage effects. Angela Chang stood on the magnificent stage that combines pop and art, leading the audience to open the door of their own "fable world" in all aspects of their audiovisual senses. 

2019 Crossover Singer Live
        The stage of "Crossover Singer" is a live house, a stage where you can enjoy music, allowing guests to express their musical attitudes heartily and heartily and express their attitudes towards life with music. The 2019 "Cross-Boundary Singer" once again made a historic breakthrough, innovatively building the entire stage and interactive area into a panoramic live house, a unique interactive environment unprecedented stage area, in which the "Longtengxi" dance screen and The lighting is naturally connected and ingeniously transitioned, allowing the stage and performance to be perfectly combined. Presents a beautiful stage design. It also forms a three-dimensional music performance stage with mountains and rivers, pavilions and towers, and even Wia falling from the sky.
        The Liancheng Falong series-Long Tengxi launched a large-scale performing arts venue, sharing more than 2,000 square meters of LED display screens, and won the super-high evaluation from the organizer and the audience. The affirmation of everyone is that Liancheng Fa has always wanted to do it. Things. Like Wilber Pan into a creative messenger, like Angela Chang using "sound" as a mediator and "music" as a medium to be a pure sharer, a super music show like a crossover singer program. We are all loyal to ourselves, "Long Teng Xi" is just to be the green leaf behind all the performers, making the overall atmosphere of the concert and the show a super audio-visual feast. At the same time create more new products, break through more new fields, provide you with more powerful technical support and create a more perfect display effect!