Enjoy the rock and roll, Liancheng sends the LED big screen "shining" you are good-looking!

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    Relive classic old songs and feel the power of rock and roll. The live performance of Wu Bai & ChinaBlue Orchestra has long become one of the classics that cannot be missed in the Chinese music world. On the evening of August 26, 2017, Typhoon No. 14 "Paka" also failed to stop the Wu Bai concert from singing at the Shenzhen Bay Spring Cocoon Stadium, Norwegian Forest / Sudden Ego / World No. 1 / Reunion again /Worry...Familiar melody, heart-wrenching lyrics, those classic songs, evoked a generation full of memories. 

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      Some people say that Wu Bai is a gentle and tough guy. Some people say that Wu Bai is a wandering singer. Others say that he is a solo poet. But these can fit in the world of rock and roll, as the "old gun" of the Chinese rock circle. Wu Bai deserves the title of "Godfather of Rock and Roll"! The scene separates at 19:30 and ends at 22:20. The transparent and open-minded outlook on life flows between the lyrics and the music. The dance scene is dreamlike, coupled with the explosive power and passion of music infection, even non-rock fans are easy to be caught ignite. 

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 The power of rock is not the power of one person. The organizer knows how important light and shadow coordination is to the rendering of the atmosphere. The Liancheng P3.91 LED rental screen selected this time adopts a multi-screen design, high-definition and exquisite display effect, and excellent display effect; low brightness The lower display gray level is uniform, and the display consistency is good; the perfect gray level performance can still be achieved when the overall brightness is reduced to 20%. Under the dark night, the stage presents a layered effect, which truly enhances the three-dimensional sense and realism of the stage's three-dimensional space. The vivid and beautiful form makes the stage tension of the show undoubtedly revealed.

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How to achieve a unique and direct artistic effect in a concert with a strong ability to identify itself is a huge project. The level of stage design is the concrete manifestation of success and failure and the direct determinant of success or failure. Exquisite stage special effects and incisive and exquisite performance are the ultimate destination of rock and roll. With the right light and the right color, under the mapping of the LED screen, the light and the darkness reflect each other, the sense of space is stronger, and the audience's thoughts are also fluctuating.     

The infinite possibilities of the stage, the infinite excitement of the stage, the stage performances have always been characterized by a wide audience and high requirements. Combined with the use of the stage, Lianchengfa LED rental screens fully consider the audience’s perspective, and continue to expand the depth and depth of the LED rental market. The breadth, through the combination of various high-tech cutting-edge technologies, creates a dreamy world of stage beauty.