Tanabata International Love Song Festival, Liancheng sends a romantic event with LED passion

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-08-28 11:19 Views: 1253

The autumn breeze is refreshing, and the Qixi Festival is sending love. On August 26, the South Silk Road International Cultural Tourism Festival hosted by the Qionglai Municipal People’s Government and Chengdu Radio Station, the first Chengdu Qixi International Love Song Festival 2017 was grandly held at the Luoyan Music Square in Pingsha, Pingle Ancient Town, Qionglai At the opening, Chengdu TV Station and Chengdu News Broadcasting FM99.8 broadcast live broadcast of the party. 


      Qionglai is the first city in the south of Chengdu on the Silk Road in the west. The ancient town of Pingle still retains the post road of Qin and Han Dynasties which is regarded as a treasure by archaeologists. This post road runs through my country’s earliest major international economic and cultural artery. The romantic love story between Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun, the love song festival is held in Qionglai, with a deeper historical heritage. In order to better create the cultural business card of this historic city, through multiple screenings, the organizer finally decided to choose Lianchengfa as a booster for this responsible cultural feast-the whole stage background was transformed by Lianchengfa LED display All kinds of scenes that meet the application, the light and shadow are floating, the romantic love legend is interpreted, and the sound and color are full of charm. 


The Lianchengfa P4 display used this time consists of one main screen and two secondary screens. The surface mount lamp bead has a large viewing angle, and the three-screen coordination presents a scattered mode, stable performance, high refresh, no smear, and supports mobile phone shooting; distributed scanning technology makes the horizontal and vertical viewing angles wider and can better fit the differences The user’s viewing experience of the location.



    It is understood that the entire event will last for three days. The evening of the 26th is the opening ceremony party, the evening of the 27th is the Zuimei Qionglai Love Songs, and the evening of the 28th is the "Bring the Guitar to Pingle" party. At the same time, during the event, there will be wonderful supporting activities such as the most beautiful street view Baccarat, Cosplay Pingle pop-up, Wenjun Xiangru Hanfu show, wedding parade, brand wedding supplies exhibition and so on. A series of wonderful supporting activities make this Chinese Valentine's Day more passionate, smart and romantic.      

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