Concentrate on "Practicing Internal Strength" and Create New Brilliance!

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In order to accelerate brand building and build a world-renowned Chinese brand, it will lead energy-saving and environmental protection companies to further upgrade their gears, transform to high-end, sophisticated, and cutting-edge, and at the same time to standardize and develop healthy development of quality. Recently, the "Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Excellent Products and Innovation Management Demonstration Units" selection activity initiated by the China Industrial Innovation Working Committee and the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Brand Management Center was officially launched in Beijing. After multiple reviews and reviews, Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code 837293) was awarded the title of "Innovative Demonstration Unit of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industry", and its LED high-definition energy-saving display series products were recommended as "Innovative Products".

The topic of energy conservation and environmental protection is a cliché in the LED industry. As we all know, LED displays have been valued for energy conservation and environmental protection since their appearance. LEDs are synonymous with energy conservation, and the luminescent materials used in LED displays themselves are energy-saving products. However, due to the large area of the LED display screen, the power consumption is still large. Considering the long-term development interests of the industry and enterprises, the LED display manufacturer Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. has always insisted on improving and innovating on the road of energy saving and environmental protection. The newly developed LED high-definition energy-saving display series are more energy-efficient and low-cost Carbon, its power consumption, has been greatly improved compared to previous displays.

1. The brightness is automatically adjusted to reject "light pollution"


From the outdoor display, the environmental brightness is affected due to time changes. If the LED display has been running in a high-brightness mode, in addition to affecting the display effect, the power consumption is also inevitable, but in fact, many outdoor LED screens are currently The brightness is very high, and the playback is good during the day, but it is prone to light pollution at night, causing trouble to nearby residents. Lianchengfa LED outdoor display adopts the method of automatically adjusting the brightness, which is more adaptable to ambient light. While allowing the display to achieve the best display effect, it rejects light pollution, and its energy-saving effect is self-evident.



2. Low brightness and high ash, constant current noise reduction


Low brightness and high gray is one of the key factors that distinguish the high quality of small-pitch LED display products. Small-pitch products are usually used indoors. The human eyes are in a dark indoor environment. If you look at the high-brightness small-pitch LED display at close range and for a long time, the unique high brightness of LED often makes people feel dazzling, even causing eyes soreness and tears. And reduced vision. Lianchengfa's small-pitch LED display uses high-quality LED lights with a gray level of up to 16384. While reducing the brightness, it perfectly ensures the clarity of the display and the fineness of the picture quality. At the same time, it adopts the international advanced LED display dedicated chip system, which is the leader in the field of full-color LED display. Combined with the characteristics of its chips, research has formed a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that other noise source factors such as power supply are reduced to a minimum, and the environmental protection characteristics are more obvious.



3. Strictly control the quality and ensure the operation of the LED display in all aspects


Since its establishment, Lianchengfa has adhered to the procurement of raw materials to production, installation, and testing. Every step has been implemented in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality control process. The quality is strictly controlled, and environmentally friendly products are used in production, so the recycling rate is higher. Through the use of high heat dissipation panel processing technology, intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control technology and other special processes, the service life of the LED display is truly extended, and the display panel is fully waterproof and dustproof, efficient in reducing heat and heat dissipation, and intelligent in detection, ensuring the LED display normal operation.


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