Summary of the latest 5G multi-functional smart light pole policy points!

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With the in-depth development of my country's new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital transformation has become the general trend. The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is a new stage in which my country's digital economy has turned to deepening application, standardized development, and inclusive sharing.

Under the overall strategic requirement of the country to continue to deepen the development of the data economy, various parts of the country and provinces and cities have successively issued relevant policies to optimize and upgrade digital infrastructure, give full play to the role of data elements, vigorously promote industrial digital transformation, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization, and continue to Improve the level of digitalization of public services, improve the governance system of the digital economy, focus on strengthening the security system of the digital economy, and effectively expand international cooperation in the digital economy. , which directly promoted the construction of smart light pole projects in full swing in various places.


Today, the editor from Liancheng has sorted out and summarized the latest policies related to 5G multi-functional smart light poles for readers.

Industry and Information Technology and other eight departments

Three-Year Action Plan for New Internet of Things Infrastructure Construction (2021-2023)

Promote the construction and large-scale application deployment of sensing terminals such as smart pipe corridors, smart meters, and smart light poles, realize the digitization and virtualization of all urban elements, and build a new model of urban public governance.

transportation Department

"On Further Doing a Good Job in the Pilot Work of Building a Strong Transportation Country"

In terms of smart transportation, it is necessary to establish a smart highway system that integrates smart perception, smart management, and smart service functions. Smart light poles are widely used to provide systematic solutions for road lighting control, public security, traffic management, municipal management and operation and maintenance, and emergency pre-processing.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

"The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Information and Communication Industry"

Promote the construction of a smart multi-functional light pole system, and reserve expandable mounting space and pipeline interfaces for sensing terminals, mobile base stations and network transmission facilities. "

Henan Province

"14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Henan Province"

Actively promote government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and public institutions' facilities, roads, green spaces, large venues, scenic spots and other public places to open free resources to the construction of 5G base stations, promote the application of multi-functional smart light poles, and improve resource utilization.

"Zhengzhou New Infrastructure Construction Demonstration Zone Development Plan (2021-2025)"

In the construction of information infrastructure and innovation infrastructure, the focus is on promoting the circulation and sharing of data. Carry out cross-industry assistance in infrastructure construction, and promote the opening of urban light poles, monitoring poles, power poles and other towers to 5G construction.

Guangdong Province

"Shenzhen Action Plan for Promoting New Information Infrastructure Construction (2022-2025)"

Promote the construction of multi-functional smart poles to achieve full coverage of major municipal roads, key parks, communities and other multi-functional smart poles, reaching 45,000 by the end of 2025.

Liaoning Province

"Implementation Plan for New Urban Infrastructure Construction in Tieling City"

Promote the construction of smart light poles, promote the intelligent transformation and management of urban public parking lots and on-street parking spaces, and improve the intelligent level of urban parking facilities.

Zhejiang Province

"2022 Ningbo 5G Development Promotion Plan"

Strengthen the construction of virtual private network in the 5G industry and the deployment of 5G network in the 700MHz frequency band, and continue to promote "multi-pole integration" intelligent integration.

Sichuan Province

"The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Sichuan Province"

Accelerate the commercial deployment and large-scale application of 5G, and actively promote new network deployment methods such as "micro base station + smart tower" and "5G + sixth-generation wireless network (Wi-Fi 6)".

"Chengdu's 14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development"

Comprehensively upgrade the communication network infrastructure, deploy 5G and optical fiber ultra-broadband "dual Gigabit" networks in advance, and actively promote new 5G network deployment methods such as "micro base stations + smart towers" and "5G + Wi-Fi6".

"Chengdu's 14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction"

Accelerate the promotion and upgrading of old and high-energy-consuming equipment, and promote the construction of smart multi-functional poles.

Jiangxi Province

"Implementation Opinions on Promoting the "No. 1 Development Project" of the Digital Economy in the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Field of Jiangxi Province"

Accelerate the widespread application of digital technology in the field of housing and urban and rural construction in the province, vigorously promote the construction of smart urban management, smart construction sites, smart communities, smart homes, smart water meters, smart street lights, etc., and accelerate the construction of urban management platforms, CIM platforms and BIM technology.

Hunan Province

"Opinions on Strengthening the Construction and Management of "Multi-pole Integration" in Urban Roads"

Before the end of 2025, prefecture-level cities and county-level cities will build a number of high-quality, high-standard multi-functional light pole demonstration projects, and combine the digital economy and new urban infrastructure construction to promote the demonstration and driving role of "multi-pole integration" construction.

Fujian Province

"Implementation Plan for the Quality Improvement of Xiamen's Urban and Rural Construction in 2022"

Combined with the construction of new urban infrastructure, more than 1,500 multi-functional light poles have been added.

Throughout the development of all walks of life, all of them are escorted by "policy first". Under the bathing and catalysis of various policies, the smart light pole industry will also usher in major opportunities.