Inventory: How are the smart light poles laid out in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of China's provinces?

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It has to be said that 2021 is definitely a big year for the development of the smart light pole industry. In terms of the number of smart light poles alone, the number of smart light poles in 2021 will also reach the highest level in history. According to the statistics of Pole Tower Online, the number of smart light poles in the country has exceeded 260,000!

As the saying goes, industrial development requires policies first. In the "14th Five-Year Plan" new infrastructure construction plans issued by various provinces in 2021, clear instructions are given for the construction of smart light poles in the next five years.

Today, the editor of Lianchengfa has summarized the new infrastructure construction plans of the "14th Five-Year Plan", including 11 provinces including Jiangxi, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, as well as the three new infrastructure construction projects in Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian, and Chongqing. annual action plan for readers.


"14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Jiangxi Province"

In the construction of new smart cities, speed up the intelligent transformation of municipal infrastructure, coordinate the deployment of sensing facilities in key locations such as roads and bridges, underground pipe networks (lines), public spaces, and buildings, and build a three-dimensional urban "neural network". Deepen joint construction and sharing, accelerate the construction of multi-functional smart towers, open up social tower and communication tower resources, promote "multi-pole integration", and strengthen intensive sharing. In densely populated areas such as highways, streets, parks, parks and scenic spots, speed up the intelligent transformation of existing towers, promote the simultaneous planning and construction of smart towers on new roads in the province, and create a unified load for smart lighting, video surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring, 5G A new type of IoT integration carrier for smart terminals such as communication and emergency help.

"The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Sichuan Province"

Accelerate the commercial deployment and large-scale application of 5G, actively promote new network deployment methods such as "micro base station + smart tower" and "5G + sixth-generation wireless network (Wi-Fi 6)", and accelerate the construction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Tianfu Wireless Communication Valley, etc. 5G application demonstration carrier, build a national leading 5G boutique network system, achieve continuous coverage of 5G network in cities (states), counties (cities, districts), urban areas and key townships in the province, and in-depth transportation hubs, industrial parks, core business circles and other hot areas Coverage, do a good job of 5G network coverage along the Chengdu-Chongqing Middle Line High-speed Railway and other lines, and ensure the communication network along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway.

"Jiangsu Province's 14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction"

Accelerate the digital transformation of urban infrastructure, incorporate IoT sensing facilities, communication systems, etc. into the unified planning and construction of public infrastructure, promote the deployment of integrated facilities such as smart light poles, and create a new type of urban IoT specialized in IoT, digital, and intelligent. Network, promote the sharing of urban intelligent collection data, build a digital management platform, and create a digital twin city. Comprehensively promote the construction of smart city smart operation centers and smart communities.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Guizhou Province"

Make every effort to build smart city infrastructure. Promote the renovation and new construction of multi-functional smart towers in the public domain, uniformly carry low-cost, low-power, high-reliability intelligent sensing facilities such as cameras, radio frequency, sensing, and radar, explore the interconnection and sharing of sensing resources across fields and departments, and establish a global all-time The city has a thorough perception network and builds a city-level IoT management platform

"Shanxi Province's "14th Five-Year Plan" New Infrastructure Planning"

The "Plan" proposes 19 key tasks such as building information network infrastructure, developing new technology infrastructure, and deploying intelligent computing infrastructure, and 65 specific measures, including 5G communication networks, national-level Internet backbone direct connections, industrial Internet platforms, A number of key projects such as digital government, Internet hospitals, digital campuses, and new smart cities.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Infrastructure in Zhejiang Province"

Promote the co-construction and sharing of pole tower resources such as street light poles, traffic signal poles, video surveillance poles, power poles, communication poles, charging piles, etc., and promote the "integration of multiple poles". Smart poles are deployed in areas such as major traffic roads, industrial parks, scenic spots and public places.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Construction of a Digital Power Province in Shandong Province"

Accelerate the improvement of the smart community (village) service system, realize the comprehensive integration of community (village) services and management functions, provide multi-scenario, one-stop comprehensive services for community (village) residents, and build smart parking and smart express cabinets according to support , intelligent charging facilities, intelligent fitness, intelligent light poles, intelligent garbage bins and other public supporting facilities to improve the level of intelligent services.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Hubei Province"

Deeply promote the comprehensive development of the Internet of Things, focusing on urban management, urban construction, public safety, medical and health and other fields, and promote the application of low-power, high-precision intelligent sensing facilities. Coordinate the common points of perception facilities in various industries, and deploy new intelligent perception facilities such as multi-functional poles, columns, and piles in public areas such as commercial centers, urban roads, squares, parks, and tourist attractions.

"14th Five-Year Plan for New Infrastructure Construction in Yunnan Province" (Draft for Comments)

Accelerate the use of 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies to promote the construction of a digital perception system for municipal infrastructure such as roads, street lights, manhole covers, water supply and drainage, and pipe networks, build a comprehensive management platform for municipal facilities, and improve comprehensive municipal operation and maintenance, safety early warning, public services, and operation. Energy saving and other digital levels.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for Urban Municipal Infrastructure Construction and Development in Heilongjiang Province"

Using the technical means of "multi-poles in one, multi-pipes in one, multi-wells in one, and multi-boxes in one", the municipal lighting and street lighting facilities are systematically integrated, and effectively integrated with the informatization functions. The information perception and fifth-generation mobile communication network transmission facilities reserve expandable mounting space, structural loads and pipeline interfaces, and merge into a "same pole, same foundation" smart multi-functional light pole. The equipment boxes supporting the pole-named mounting facilities will be merged and set as "comprehensive equipment boxes", and the intelligent multi-functional light pole information management platform will be built in synchronization with the construction of smart multi-functional light poles. (Expansion) The construction rate of smart multi-functional light poles on road construction has steadily increased, and 13 cities (prefectures) in the province will establish a multi-functional light pole information management platform.

"14th Five-Year" Development Plan for New Infrastructure in Chongqing (2021-2025) (Draft for Comment)

Promote the construction and renovation of intelligent municipal infrastructure. Build a front-end perception system covering all kinds of underground pipelines, civil air defense projects, rail transit, buildings and other important urban infrastructure to realize safety monitoring and early warning of urban infrastructure. Promote the construction of new intelligent public facilities such as intelligent light poles, intelligent pipe corridors, intelligent sorting garbage bins, intelligent fire hydrants, and intelligent parking lots, and promote the co-location deployment of sensing facilities and public facilities.

"Fujian Province's Three-Year Action Plan for New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)"

Build new smart city infrastructure. Implement the city brain project to create a smart city data base. Establish a comprehensive urban management service platform and promote the intelligent transformation of municipal infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of various poles (towers) in the city, promote multi-functional smart poles, and develop smart pipe networks, smart water services, and smart manhole covers.

"Tianjin Three-Year Action Plan for New Infrastructure Construction (2021-2023)"

Promote the layout of ubiquitous perception prevention and control facilities. Accelerate the integrated deployment of smart poles and smart equipment boxes, increase the proportion of smart front-end layouts such as face and vehicle recognition, and form a three-dimensional prevention and control network with wired and wireless integration and linkage between highs and lows. Build the city's video cloud architecture, promote the online sharing of video resources, and the total number of various networked video resources will reach 200,000 channels, forming an all-round, full-time coverage video networking pattern.

"Guangdong Province's Three-Year Implementation Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)"

Promote the integration of urban management public facilities with 5G, Internet of Things, and sensing technologies, make full use of carriers such as smart light poles, smart manhole covers, and smart pipe networks, deploy smart sensing nodes for urban data collection, and promote the development of edge storage, computing, etc. Capability sensing terminal. Promote the comprehensive coverage and data collection of information equipment for people's livelihood services such as smart electricity meters, smart water meters, and smart gas meters, and promote the construction of urban underground infrastructure information and monitoring and early warning management platforms and drainage network GIS (Geographic Information System).