It is planned to invest 170 million yuan, and Fuzhou will launch a 5G + smart city project!

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The editor of Lianchengfa recently learned from the Fuzhou Construction Bureau that Fuzhou is currently speeding up the construction of "the first city of digital applications in the country" to start the digital Fuzhou brand. In this context, Fuzhou launched the 5G+ smart city project to promote the in-depth development of smart city construction and deepen people's livelihood. As a result, the project was included in the 2021 list of the National Development and Reform Commission and won the 2021 World Smart City Infrastructure and Architecture Award.

It is understood that the project aims to create a "1+2+N" smart city application benchmark. Among them, "1" is to build a smart city platform, "2" is to focus on two chains of industrial development and city management, and "N" is Develop a total of 11 categories of N 5G+ applications based on 5G technology, such as logistics, machine vision, remote control, AR/VR, ultra-high-definition video, edge computing, artificial intelligence, data collection, big data, blockchain, and identification analysis, etc. The development of 5G industry and digital economy in Fuzhou.


The first phase of the project plans to build a 5G smart city service platform to build smart communities, smart construction sites, smart light poles, urban parking and other application scenarios in the main urban area of Fuzhou, covering 26 communities, 50 parking lots, 70 construction sites, and 800 lights It has deployed 20,000 5G industry application terminals, serving about 300,000 people. The project is planned to be completed in 2023 and is expected to drive social investment of about 170 million yuan.

According to reports, the project is mainly planned and constructed in five aspects.

The first is to build an urban basic platform: the main construction includes a 5G public service platform, a data resource platform, an Internet of Things platform, a business sharing center and a city comprehensive operation visualization platform to provide services for upper-level business applications.

The second is to build smart light poles: The smart light pole system consists of the pole body and mounting equipment, power supply system, communication system, supporting pipelines, platforms and other facilities. Using the pole as the carrier, the smart pole can provide equipment mounting capabilities such as transportation facilities, 5G communication base stations, environment and weather, emergency alarm, information release screen, public broadcasting, public WIFI, multimedia interactive terminal, charging pile, roadside parking, etc. The equipment is configured according to the needs of each department. Management needs can be connected to the smart light pole platform according to the authorization of the department.

The third is to build a smart community. Based on the smart community, add or upgrade functions including car dealership system, pedestrian system, upgraded AI security system, property system, membership marketing system and other functions. Simultaneously build front-end facilities such as vehicle license plate recognition all-in-one machines, road gates, edge servers, pedestrian face recognition all-in-one machines, security surveillance cameras and hard disk video recorders, elevator control, and information screen displays in smart communities.

Fourth, it includes urban parking. The software construction mainly includes parking operation management system (roadside parking management module, closed parking lot management module), parking lot networking system, comprehensive dispatching system, parking lot map system, AI surplus analysis system, abnormal parking Monitoring system, illegal parking scheduling system, parking applet system, inspection PDA system, parking static data aggregation system, etc. The construction of hardware facilities mainly includes license plate recognition all-in-one machines and road gates in closed parking lots, high-position video cameras for roadside parking, intelligent video recognition and analysis equipment, hard disk video recorders, and inspection PDAs.

The fifth is the smart construction site, which mainly builds safety management, quality management, material management, intelligent equipment management, labor management, BIM model, progress management, and basic platform. By relying on the 5G network and building intelligent hardware and software, the perception coverage of the construction site is comprehensive and thorough, and real-time and dynamic operation data is provided. According to the needs of on-site management and control, build business processes, data analysis tools, AI calculation methods, etc., and output statistical reports and analysis reports required in various scenarios for managers at all levels of the construction site.

The second phase of the project will be further extended to application scenarios such as smart parks, personnel movements, and digital business districts, providing more and richer smart city applications, creating a green, low-carbon, livable and business-friendly urban environment, and satisfying citizens' desire for a better digital life. needs.

Source: Southeast Express