What is the led light pole screen? What are the advantages of led light pole screen?

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An important component of smart street lights - LED light poles and screen street lights - as one of the main public facilities for people's livelihood in urban construction, compared with other public facilities, it plays an important role in the construction of smart cities. The smart LED display screen derived from smart cities is based on street lights, combined with WiFi Internet technology, power carrier IoT technology, and sensing technology. It is a practice for smart city construction. The main applications include smart street lights. Management center, smart lighting management system, video surveillance system, WiFi coverage system, smart sensing and publishing system, emergency alarm system, charging pile system, users can choose different application subsystems for combined application according to actual needs.

The LED light pole screen refers to the LED display screen specially mounted on the street light pole. Since street lights are widely distributed in cities, light pole screens can penetrate into various fields of urban management, energy saving, security, and convenience in the area where they are located, and play different functions under different needs. Next, LCF  Xiaobian will take you to see the characteristics and advantages of LED light pole screens.


Features and advantages of LED light pole screen

1. Facilitate the dissemination of information

Although the outdoor LED light pole screen is small in size, we can place advertisements on various road sections, so that the dissemination of information in a small range is gradually expanded, thereby enhancing the publicity of advertisements. Moreover, its placement position is much easier than that of a large screen, and it only needs the assistance of street light poles, and does not require too much manpower at all.

2. Uniform and beautify the road environment

At present, the neatly arranged street light poles on the road are mainly used for lighting at night, which is somewhat monotonous. The Maipu Guangcai LED light pole screen needs a street light pole to be installed. At this time, if we put the LED light pole display screen on each street light pole, not only can the comprehensive utilization of the street light poles be realized, but also can be played through colorful playback. Picture decoration environment.

3. Colorful and attract many eyeballs

The LED light pole screen can not only realize various forms of dynamic seeding effects such as dynamic, page turning and scrolling, but also display pictures of various colors and video playback with stories. These colorful display of pictures can give people a visual impact and emotional resonance, thus attracting more people's attention.

4. Convenience

At present, the LED light pole screen has a lot of decorations on the street. We can use it to warmly remind citizens of daily weather changes, environmental pollution values and road traffic conditions, so as to warm others and create a more civilized environment for the society. .

5. Rich functions to meet various needs

The light pole screen effectively integrates many needs such as smart transportation, municipal publicity, security monitoring, commercial advertising, environmental monitoring, 5G base station application, information publicity, and advertising release. cityscape.

6. Cluster management, easy maintenance

The LED light pole screen is an electronic device. It can centrally and uniformly control all the light pole screens through computers and mobile phones, remotely manage them, and publish the display content with one click. The content of ordinary billboards can only be replaced one by one. The labor cost, material cost, and time cost are much higher than the LED smart light pole screen.

7. Small footprint, small safety hazards

Compared with large outdoor LED screens, LED light pole screens occupy less space, which not only beautifies the urban space, but also reduces potential safety hazards.

8. Low power consumption, more energy saving

The LED light pole screen supports various installation methods such as column, horizontal bar, and central suspension. The size can be customized according to demand, with low power consumption and more energy saving.

9. Higher ROI

Using the LED light pole screen, the displayed advertising content can be changed at any time, which is equivalent to increasing the advertising space. The more ad space, the lower the marginal cost and the higher the return on investment.

10. High efficiency and energy saving

The LED lights installed in the LED light pole screen have unidirectional light and will not produce light diffusion, so as to ensure that the LED light pole screen can maintain a bright and clear picture display while maintaining high-efficiency lighting effects. . At the same time, the LED light pole screen can save a lot of electricity by applying high-brightness and high-energy-saving LED lights to lighting.

11. Safety and environmental protection

The power supply voltage of the LED light pole screen is low-voltage DC, which can well avoid the occurrence of potential safety hazards, thus ensuring that it maintains good safety performance while reducing power consumption. The material of LED light pole screen is generally made of environmentally friendly materials, and can be recycled, so as to avoid polluting the environment due to more use.

12. The dissemination of information

The LED light pole screen can realize the function of simultaneously receiving and playing the same information in different places through remote control, and at the same time, it can also give people a more intuitive impression through animation playback, so as to ensure the efficient dissemination and extensiveness of information.

13. Easy to install

In fact, the LED light pole screen can be simply understood as installing the LED display screen in a place with a light pole. The LED display screen is thin and convenient, so it is also very light and simple to install. Usually, it can be fixed with a fixing frame or iron wire. live.

14. Longevity

The light decay of LED light pole screen is relatively small and durable, and its service life is generally more than 10 years.

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