What Role Does Smart Light Poles Play in Epidemic Prevention and Control?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-14 14:51 Views: 455

1. Voice broadcast

Large-scale nucleic acid testing has become the main method for early diagnosis and avoiding the spread of the epidemic. Large-scale nucleic acid testing requires a large number of personnel to publicize the precautions in the testing process and maintain team order. For front-line epidemic prevention personnel, the workload is heavy and the task is heavy. The voice broadcast function of the multi-functional smart pole can not only remind residents to test nucleic acid in time, assist in managing the order of the nucleic acid detection team, but also broadcast epidemic prevention policies to reduce the number of front-line epidemic prevention personnel. workload.

2. Epidemic prevention propaganda

Using the multi-functional smart pole LED screen or information release system, you can display and play epidemic prevention posters and publicize community epidemic prevention policies, which can play an important role in community epidemic prevention work, and it is very convenient.


3. Video surveillance

The multi-functional smart pole is equipped with video surveillance equipment, which can perform personnel monitoring and bayonet management. At present, many communities are under closed management due to the epidemic, and some can only operate in the community and cannot leave the community. However, there are also some personnel who do not abide by the epidemic prevention management policy, sneak out of the fence or force a card punch. Video surveillance can record and supervise such illegal acts, remind them to persuade them to return, and restore the incident process when a conflict occurs.

4. Emergency alarm

During the epidemic, when citizens encounter emergencies, they can press the one-key call button on the smart street light to talk to the background, and the monitoring cameras are linked with one key to automatically rotate the viewing angle to capture and record the scene. At the same time, many functional smart poles can also be equipped with lighting functions. By assembling the smart light pole gateway and connecting with the management platform, smart lighting control such as turning on, off, and dimming can also be realized, and the refined and intelligent management and control of public lighting in communities, streets and other places can be realized.

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