7 keywords summarize the development of smart cities in the first half of 2022

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In the first half of 2022, the "general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability" will be anchored, the economic development will continue to improve, and the construction of smart cities is also moving towards a new level. So what are the highlights of smart city development in the first half of 2022? The following is a summary of 7 key words, to take you back to the hot events in the smart city field in the first half of 2022.

1. City Brain

"White Paper on Urban Brain Development (2022)" released

On January 4, the "White Paper on Urban Brain Development (2022)" jointly prepared by 38 industry-university-research units including the Smart City Standards Working Group of the National Beacon Commission, led by China Electronics Standardization Institute and Shanghai Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., was officially released. .

Comments: The city brain is the product of the development of a smart city to a certain stage, and it is a concentrated expression of the level of urban intelligence and the modernization of governance capabilities. For different cities and different companies, the development paths are different, and the understanding of the city brain is also different. Based on the construction of Pudong City Brain 3.0, the report extensively draws on the experience of various places and enterprises, and comprehensively reflects the current status and level of my country's urban brain construction, which is conducive to establishing a unified cognition of the city brain from all walks of life.


2. Digital Economy

"14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development" released

On January 12, my country's first national-level special plan in the field of digital economy - the "14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development" was officially released. According to the "Plan", by 2025, the added value of my country's digital economy core industries will account for the total domestic production. The proportion of value will increase to 10%, which means that the digital economy will usher in explosive growth in the next five years.

Comments: Affected by multiple factors such as the international situation and the impact of the epidemic, the downward pressure on my country's economy has increased. The rapid development of the digital economy has become increasingly important and has become an important force for stabilizing economic growth. The introduction of the "Plan" is just in time, pointing out the direction for the sustainable and healthy development of the digital economy during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Looking forward to 2035, the modern market system of my country's digital economy will be improved day by day, and the development level of the digital economy will reach the world's leading level.

3. Data Center

The East Number and West Calculation Project is fully launched

On February 17th, the "East and West Calculation" project was officially launched. For a time, data centers, information security, big data and other industries were pushed to the forefront and became hot investment projects. The daily daily limit of stocks with the concept of "numbering in the east and counting in the west" is pushing the "digital economy" boom to a new peak.

Comments: With the full launch of the "East Digital and Western Computing" project, the "era of computing power" is accelerating, and my country's computing power network infrastructure construction is further advanced. The new infrastructure represented by data centers is expected to fully benefit and drive the growth of the western digital economy. .

4. Smart multi-function pole

The first national standard for smart multi-function poles was officially implemented

On March 1, the national standard "Smart City Smart Multi-function Rod Service Function and Operation Management Specification", which is under the jurisdiction of the National Infrastructure Service Standardization Technical Committee and led by Beijing Institute of Standardization and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., was officially implemented. The unified management and standardized operation of smart light poles provide a basis for compliance.

Comments: For different scenarios such as urban roads, squares, scenic spots, parks and communities, and considering factors such as safety and stability, the standard puts forward different management requirements for smart multi-function poles from design to service to operation, which promotes Standardized development of smart light poles. Smart light poles are widely distributed and highly dense. They are the most resource-rich infrastructure in the city and an excellent entrance to the smart city. With the official implementation of the first national standard for the smart light pole industry in my country, it will lead the smart light pole industry to a new height and provide important support for the digital base of the smart city.

5. Smart County

"Opinions on Promoting Urbanization Construction with County Towns as Important Carriers" issued

On May 6, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting Urbanization Construction with County Towns as Important Carriers", and smart county towns ushered in a major development opportunity!

Comments: As my country's first central-level policy document for county urbanization, this document marks a further increase in the state's support for county urbanization. According to the "Opinions", the goal of achieving important progress in urbanization construction with county towns as an important carrier by 2025 guides a new direction for the construction of new smart cities in the next five years.

6. Green Smart City

"2022 Smart City White Paper" released

On May 24, the "Relying on Smart Services to Create Innovative Models" was jointly compiled by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, the China Industrial Internet Development Alliance, the Key Laboratory of Industrial Big Data Analysis and Integrated Applications of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Net Finance Research Institute, and Lenovo Group. Smart City - 2022 Smart City White Paper was officially released.

Comments: As the first authoritative research report on future green and smart cities in China, the "2022 Smart City White Paper" is based on the new development stage of smart cities, and puts forward higher requirements for the networked and intelligent new models of smart cities. The construction of an eco-friendly new smart city provides a reference to help solve new problems and challenges in the governance of smart cities.

7. Digital government

"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Digital Government" issued

On April 19, the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Digital Government" was reviewed and approved at the 25th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms. On June 23, the State Council officially issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the Digital Government", which clarified the seven key tasks of the construction of the digital government, as well as the two-stage work goals in 2025 and 2035. Top-level planning for government construction.

Comments: The release of the "Guiding Opinions" fully reflects the great importance my country attaches to the promotion of digital government. It will create a new situation in the construction of digital government in an all-round way, and promote smart cities to a new level in terms of supervision, service, decision-making, and governance. Boosted by the dividends of digital government policies, the prosperity of smart city segments such as e-government, digital economy, and digital villages is also expected to improve, and the construction of smart cities will continue to increase.