Five Little Knowledge About Smart Light Poles

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Five little knowledge about smart light poles, the editor of LCF will explain them to you one by one:

1. What kind of pole is called a smart light pole?

Smart light poles, also known as multi-function poles, are new smart devices based on lighting poles that can integrate 5G base stations, WIFI hotspots, public broadcasting, one-key help, multimedia interaction, charging piles, weather detection, environmental detection, etc. One pole multi-purpose is the biggest feature of smart light poles. Note that it is "integration" rather than simply placing multiple devices on the same pole.

2. Why build a smart light pole?

With the construction of smart cities, various poles with different functions exist at the same time, which not only causes duplication of construction, waste of social resources, but also seriously affects the appearance of the city. In order to avoid waste of resources and enhance the appearance of the city, vigorously developing smart light poles has become an important task in the current smart city construction. At the same time, smart towers play a vital role in the construction of 5G.It can be said that the construction of smart light poles is an infrastructure work that benefits human society.

3. What are the common operating modes?

4. What are the application scenarios of the devices mounted on the smart light poles?

Smart Street Light Application Scenario - Smart Scenic Spot & Characteristic Town

Scenarios such as scenic spots and small towns have large and complex crowds and require good security and supervision capabilities. In the process of designing the layout, the appearance design of smart street lamps generally takes into account the local cultural customs and environmental climate factors, and has both practicality and intelligence in functional applications. It is recommended to carry: smart lighting, LED light pole screen, environmental detection side system, outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot, broadcasting system, security monitoring system, charging system, etc. It can also be equipped with smart trash cans and the popular and practical AI face Identification, thermal detection devices, etc. to help epidemic prevention and control.

Smart Street Light Application Scenario - Smart Community

In the smart community scenario, in addition to the basic requirement of smart lighting, in terms of security, high-definition cameras and monitoring systems can be installed to conduct 24-hour real-time monitoring of the community; new energy vehicle charging piles are also a relatively popular demand point, and now the state encourages The new energy vehicle policy is obvious to all, and our residents also really need to solve the problem of car charging; in addition, LED displays, 5G micro base stations, broadcasting systems, etc. can also be loaded on smart street lights on demand.

Application Scenarios of Smart Street Lights - Urban Arterial Roads & Future Blocks

There are too many poles in urban main roads and blocks, occupying space and land resources, and also affecting the appearance of the city. The "multi-use and resource sharing" of smart street lights can effectively solve the above urban problems. Generally, it is equipped with smart lighting systems, LED screens, environmental sensing systems, surveillance video systems, etc. In the future, vehicle-road coordination is also a development trend.

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5. Is the pole used by the smart street light the smart light pole?

uncertain. Smart street light refers to a street light that realizes remote centralized control and management of street lights by applying advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology, and has functions such as automatic brightness adjustment and remote lighting control. If the pole used by the smart street light can only be used for the single application of hanging the street light, it is not a smart light pole. If the smart street light is mounted on the same pole with multiple applications at the same time, and uses the gateway technology, it has the functions of electricity, network, box, etc., it is a smart light pole. Many smart street light projects in the bid are actually not smart light pole projects.