Can the Size of the LED Display be Enlarged at Will?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-25 13:53 Views: 661

According to common sense, the size of the LED full-color screen will not be limited, but in fact, the actual situation is often not allowed. As for why it's not allowed, let's take a look at the specific reasons:


Check out the visual effects: The farther the viewing distance of the LED display is, the larger the display must be. Likewise, the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the display must be. For example, an ordinary indoor LED display has a viewing distance of several meters under normal circumstances, and if it is good, it has a viewing distance of tens of meters, so the area of the indoor display screen will not be too large. Generally within 60 square meters. For outdoor display screens, the viewing distance is relatively long, generally tens of meters, so the area of the display screen will be relatively large, generally more than 60 square meters.

LED screen price cost: Regarding the price of full-color LED display, the main body of the display is often several thousand pieces/square meter. Of course, this includes his steel structure, accessories, control card, computer, and some packages and so on. Of course, if the area is large, the price will be higher, but in theory, it can be expanded indefinitely. But due to the price, ordinary users cannot afford it.

After-sales service: The larger the LED display, the more difficult it is to manage after-sales service. Troubleshooting repairs is also quite a hassle if something goes wrong. People and money are huge tests.

Installation location environment: There is no doubt that indoor and outdoor environmental space is limited. For outdoor use, if there is not enough space to support, the screen of any one display will be relatively limited.

Can the size of the full-color LED display be enlarged at will? Liancheng's editor suggested that it is best to choose a display screen of the appropriate size according to your actual situation, which is the most suitable for your own display.