LED Display Installation Master Five Points, Give Customers A Most Satisfactory Effect

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-28 16:53 Views: 376

Now LED displays can be seen everywhere on the street, as well as decorative LED lights and LED car lights, LED lights can be seen everywhere, and LED has been integrated into every corner of life. The engineer who installs the display must have good technology. LCF Xiaobian suggests that under normal circumstances, the following five key points must be mastered well in order to give customers the most satisfactory results.

1. Early exploration is more important. The screen should be designed according to the construction situation on site. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen is the first step in the installation process of the LED display.

2. For the installation of the LED display screen, customers may know about the construction of the steel structure, but generally do not know much about the wiring and splicing of the LED display screen. Therefore, professional engineers must be provided for guidance, and the final screen operator of the other party is required. Participate to learn more about the screen;

3. Steel frame design, generally within 3-5 days after signing the contract, the LED electronic display installation engineer will design the steel frame structure according to the site conditions and the actual situation of the LED display and hand it over to the construction party. After the construction party gets the drawings , purchase relevant materials according to the drawings, and plan the production of steel structures.


4. Technical training of LED display: In the process of screen production, customers can send people to LED display manufacturers to learn LED display operation and simple spare parts replacement technology.

5. Calculation of screen power and power distribution facilities. In the early stage of installation, the power consumption of the screen and the size of the power distribution cabinet must be planned in advance. The manufacturer of the LED display screen calculates the actual power consumption according to the actual situation of the screen. , to cooperate with the construction party.

After the rapid development of LED display in recent years, it has become a relatively mature industry and is widely used in various fields. The technical requirements of LED displays are also getting higher and higher. Although LEDs can be seen everywhere in life, there are still some deficiencies in LEDs that require our designers to have more professional knowledge reserves, so that we can design products that are more in line with the needs of life.