Is the "Metaverse" a Bubble Theory?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-07-13 17:39 Views: 109

Strictly speaking, the Metaverse market is still in the initial stage of development, and a mature industrial chain structure has not yet been formed. Some people think that for this market to really develop, it needs a lot of advanced technology reserves to complete it. Others believe that the metaverse market is a bubble, just like the popular virtual currency Bitcoin, a capital scam. But is this the case?


Indeed, at present, it is impossible to support the development of the entire metaverse world with current technology. It may take decades for the existence, text, and scenes in film and television works to actually appear in reality, and before that, a lot of funds are needed to support research and development and pre-market investment. Or, some key technologies cannot be popularized or cracked at all. Naturally, this market is just doing nothing in the direction of an impossible future. And this is just the difficulty of technological development.

The emergence of a market to maturity is based on technology. Although LED display products, as display devices, have considerable advantages compared with other display products in some application scenarios that require virtual display scene construction, this is only a small part of the market. In the absence of a complete industrial chain structure, it can only be gradually fought alone, opening up a small sub-field application scenario under the market demand, although it is profitable, but in the end, there will be more monks and less porridge, and competition will intensify. Compared with the huge up-front investment, it is not cost-effective.

But there are fundamental differences between the metaverse and virtual currencies. First of all, virtual currency appears as a product under the influence of a single capital, completely relying on network technology and customer trust. It is controlled by capital, has considerable risks and uncertainties, is favored by opportunists, and will eventually come to an end due to imperfect market mechanisms and regulatory regulations. Metaverse is a concept, but it is also a general term for people's conception of the future virtual world. It contains economic systems and cultural connotations, needs the support of high-tech industries, and has the hope of developing into a new economic market. At present, in addition to the attention of enterprises and a large amount of capital, the current government is also exploring the possibility of the metaverse.