What Needs Can Be Met by Actively Promoting Smart Street Lights?

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During the two sessions this year, Lin Longan, a representative of the People's Congress of the port area, proposed to actively develop digital transformation and implement application proposals such as smart light poles and smart security. What needs can be met by actively promoting smart street lights? What changes will the government's policies and regulations have on the supply and demand of smart street lights? And what means does the government use to promote the demand for smart street lights? What is the future prospect of smart street lights? This article will conduct a preliminary discussion.

As one of the representatives of new infrastructure, smart light poles carry advanced technology applications such as AI, Internet of Things, 5G, etc., and a multi-functional environmental monitoring and interaction system. Smart street lights can collect, analyze, and then analyze and control data in traffic, such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, which can greatly save power resources. , improve the management level of public lighting and save maintenance costs.

Demand Factors - Characteristics of 5G Base Stations


As a key part of a smart city, smart transportation is the most urgent and the easiest entry point to collect information, and smart street lights only need to replace and integrate the original light poles, which has the least impact on residents' activities. Gradual changes will increase public acceptance.

The smart street light project has received positive responses from local governments, and the country has introduced relevant industry standards

Smart street lights are one of the priorities of the local government under the smart city project in 2021. Smart street lights are also the main implementation goal of saving energy and developing smart cities. The main purpose of almost all local governments is to promote the demand for smart street lights, that is, to create multiple applications for smart street lights in various forms, and even individual provinces and cities have proposed the number of installations and pilot projects.

The increase in demand for smart light poles naturally attracts a large number of companies to enter, and at the same time, the products on the market are uneven and the standards are chaotic. As a result, corresponding industry norms and laws and regulations have also been introduced. In particular, the formulation of the management specifications for multi-functional smart street lamps just this year marks that the industry has entered a new stage of development.

my country's investment in smart street lamps

According to the information released by the China Government Procurement Network, in 2021, local governments in my country will invest about 36.71 million yuan (transactional price) in smart street lighting projects. Some of these projects not only invest in smart street lights, but also include the construction of supporting services related to smart street lights and their later operations. From the perspective of the winning bidders (suppliers) of the projects of various local governments, almost all of them use local construction companies, providing development opportunities for local small and medium-sized enterprises. Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and dismantling the project into several links, thereby promoting the increase and expansion of industrial suppliers, is an important means for the government to promote the construction of smart street lamps in 2021.

At present, smart street lamps are still in the early stage of industrial development, with government project construction as the main driving force, and it is expected that the future development potential will be huge.

Potential one: huge demand

There are more than 1,000 smart cities launched or under construction around the world, and 500 are under construction in China. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of urban road lights in my country has increased from 17.74 million in 2010 to 30.49 million in 2020. If you add street lights on new roads and street lights on existing roads, the number of street lights in the future will increase. The deployment of light poles will reach a very impressive number.

Potential 2: Promotion of energy saving and emission reduction

In the context of carbon neutrality, national policies guide the promotion of green lighting in smart cities. Most local governments have invested millions of funds in smart street lighting projects, and the planned project investment will reach hundreds of millions of yuan. At present, there are about 22 listed companies related to smart street lights. With the support of local governments, it is expected that more companies will participate in the related industries of smart street lights in the future.

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