What Are the System States of the Transparent LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-05-04 13:22 Views: 386

Each link of the transparent LED display system control has a hot backup function, which occupies a very important position in the use of the equipment. Including video sending, receiving equipment, signal transmission cables, etc. When any link has a problem, the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at a very fast speed. This speed is very fast, and the process of switching will not be have any effect on the screen.


This point is the switching speed set according to the speed of human eye recognition. When there is a problem in each part, the hot backup function will switch at a speed that the human eye cannot recognize. The preacher's eyes are still a continuous picture, so, yes People watching has no effect.

The various states of the transparent LED display are being monitored, which is also to ensure the normal operation of the screen. The most important monitoring status is temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, working status of cooling fan and so on. When these states are beyond the set range, the system will automatically adjust to keep the system working within the appropriate range.

For example, when working, the internal temperature of the system is too high due to long-term work or external reasons. At this time, the system will carry out corresponding protection for each line, the power supply will issue overheat protection, and the transparent LED display will The cooling system works to lower the temperature inside the system. If the internal temperature of the system is too high, the cooling system cannot reduce the temperature