Application of COB Package LED Display in the Field of High-End Command and Control Display

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The progress of any era will produce many fresh elements, and in this long process, the arrival of the subversive revolution will force out various new technologies and products. LCD and DLP splicing matured very early, and the market expansion was very comprehensive, but the potential incremental space was limited. With the growth of COB packaged micro-pitch LED screens, the color, brightness, contrast effect, leveling and seamless effect, as well as technical features such as continuous improvement in performance and lower maintenance costs, make COB packaged micro-pitch LEDs in the high-end control field. widely recognized and applied.

With the continuous reduction of the dot pitch and the continuous improvement of the resolution of LED large-screen displays, small-pitch and micro-pitch LEDs have begun to fully replace the traditional large-screen display walls. The LED large-screen image is complete without seams, the size is not limited, the brightness of each part is highly consistent, the image layer is rich, and the color is uniform, whether it is split-screen display or combined into a large-screen display, it is perfect, and the micro-pitch LED display effect It is obviously higher than the traditional LCD and DLP display methods. Next, the advantages of COB micro-pitch LED display are shown.


Display system brightness

Brightness determines the visual effect. In the field of indoor high-end display applications, the brightness is too high for users to watch for a long time and may cause vision damage.

COB Packaging Technology Truly Hermetic Structure

The COB packaging technology encapsulates the pixels on the PCB board to achieve full sealing of the PCB circuit board, crystal particles, solder pins and leads. Knock, impact resistance, shock resistance, compression resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-static and other properties, high stability and easy maintenance, daily cleaning and maintenance can directly wipe the surface stains with a damp cloth.

Eliminate moiré for more comfortable viewing

The COB packaged micro-pitch LED display adopts a high fill factor optical design, with uniform light emission, similar to "surface light source", and effectively eliminates moiré. Its matte coating technology also significantly improves contrast, reduces glare and glare, and effectively resists blue light damage. Applications that require long-term viewing and screen shooting (such as lecture halls, studios, etc.).

Energy saving and environmental protection

LED is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low power consumption and radiation resistance. The COB display adopts large-chip light-emitting diodes, which can effectively improve the brightness, and the heat dissipation is even, the brightness attenuation coefficient is small, and it can maintain a good consistency after long-term use. Under the premise of emitting the same brightness, COB heat dissipation is smaller and more energy-saving.

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