What are the Common Signal Transmission Interfaces for Full-color LED Displays?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-08-12 15:01 Views: 514

As the application of full-color LED electronic displays is becoming more and more common, and more and more users are using them, the following editors summarize some common signal transmission interfaces and corresponding detailed descriptions of full-color LED displays.

Full color LED display SDI interface

The full-color LED display interface is a "digital component serial interface" that uses the BNC interface cable standard, a coaxial cable. Only the front-end and back-end are replaced, no re-wiring is required, which reduces labor and time costs for users, and is more used in LED splicing screens or processors. Through this interface, the traditional analog frame system can be converted into a high-definition monitoring system. , which is favored by some users.

Full color LED display with VGA interface

This interface uses analog signals, most of which are used in computer monitors and graphics card interfaces, with a total of 15 pins, divided into 3 rows, each row of 5 holes, capable of transmitting red, green, blue analog signals and synchronization signals (horizontal and vertical signals) .

Full color LED display DVI interface

This interface is a high-definition interface, which is used to transmit digital signals and has high picture definition, because it does not require complex digital-to-analog conversion. Now this is a relatively common digital video signal interface.


Full color LED display with USB interface

This full-color LED display interface is a universal serial bus or a universal serial interface, which can support hot swap, but can connect up to 127 PC external devices.

Full color LED display HDMI interface

This interface is a multimedia interface, which can transmit both audio signals and graphic picture signals, and the video resolution can reach 1080P. This interface is an improvement of the DVI interface and is compatible with the DVI interface standard.

Full color LED display DP interface

This interface is also a high-definition digital display interface standard, which can be connected to computers and monitors, as well as computers and home theaters. The DP interface can be understood as an enhanced version of HDMI, in the audio