How Much is the Price of the Window LED Transparent Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-30 14:09 Views: 630

The window LED transparent screen market is becoming more and more popular. It is mainly used in brand chain stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other fields. How much is the price of a window LED transparent screen? What is the price composition? Let's learn together:


LED transparent screen is more eye-catching, high permeability hardly affects indoor lighting, novel video design, 3D dynamic effect, not only improves the store level, but also attracts more customer traffic. Many jewelry stores, automobile 4S stores, and brand clothing stores have already installed them. such products

The price of the window LED transparent screen is mainly composed of the following parts:

1 Screen body: This price accounts for 60% or more of the entire project cost. The price of the window LED transparent screen is usually calculated by how much per square meter. Of course, there are also boxes that are used to calculate the price.

2 System: Using Nova or Colorlight products, the product has high refresh rate and stable performance, including sending box, receiving card and LED studio software.

3 External equipment: mainly refers to audio amplifier, computer, video processor, etc.

4 Installation structure: According to the site environment, choose hoisting or hanging, etc., only simple hoisting and supporting structure can be used, which saves manpower and material resources.

5 Transportation taxes: All products are sent from Shenzhen to all parts of the country, and logistics transportation will be adopted, and corresponding logistics costs will be incurred.

6 Technical installation: Lianchengfa provides two installation methods of on-site engineering installation and technical guidance to solve customers' worries.