What is the Difference Between Positive Emission and Side Emission in LED Large Screen Applications?

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For ordinary users, we are not very clear about the positive light and side light in the LED large screen application. For the difference between the two, Liancheng Fa Xiaobian will take you to understand it together!

Perspective comparison

Positive Lighting Technology

Positive emitting LED is the standard lamp bead of conventional LED display, which can guarantee a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

Side Lighting Technology

The side-emitting lamp beads are installed on the upper or lower side of the circuit board. Due to the occlusion of the circuit board, only a single-sided viewing angle can be guaranteed.




The atomizing layer and anti-UV lamp shell material can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from directly damaging the LED chip.

side glow

The ultraviolet rays reach the LED chip directly through the transparent layer, the chip will decay rapidly, and the casing will age rapidly.

Transparency comparison

Both the positive light-emitting LED and the circuit board part are 2mm thick, and the light blocking part is only 2mm thick.

The thickness of the side-emitting LED is at least 1mm, plus the circuit board of 1.2mm, and the light-blocking part is at least 2.2mm.

Impact resistance

Positive light-emitting anti-collision ability

Positive light uses 3D patch technology to firmly mount the LED lamp beads on the side edge of the circuit board, and the four pins of the lamp bead form a plane bond with the circuit board, which can withstand 40N destructive impact.

Side-illuminated anti-collision capability

The side-emitting LED pins and the circuit board are only bonded by solder and can only withstand 10N thrust.

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