How to Maintain the Stage Rental LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-23 17:32 Views: 608

The stage rental LED display adopts ultra-high-brightness LEDs, which can still be clearly visible from a long distance under the strong sunlight; the color uniformity of the display is ultra-high, and the display screen is more delicate; the flatness of the module installation surface is required to be controlled within plus or minus 0.1mm; 4-layer PCB and single-chip large-scale integrated circuit design optimizes the spatial layout of each electronic device and improves the stability of the display system;

Many people in the industry know that the display effect of the stage rental LED display will affect users and the masses. If you want to have a perfect user experience, you need to control and improve the quality of the stage rental screen.


LED displays are indispensable in various advertisements, performances, company gatherings, press releases, performances and other large-scale activities. Many companies rent directly to lighting and audio rental companies, so the safety and stability of stage rental LED displays are It is very important in all use processes, so how to maintain the stage rental LED display has become a problem. Let's share the skills of maintaining the stage rental LED display:

First, the power supply is stable and the grounding protection is good. It should not be used under adverse natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather. In order to avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to stay away from items on the screen that may cause damage to the stage rental LED display, and try to wipe the screen gently to minimize damage. Turn off the LED display first, then shut down the computer.

Second, do not use all white, all red, all green, all blue and other picture colors for a long time, so as not to cause excessive current, overheating of the power cord, damage to the LED lights, and affect the service life of the display. Do not disassemble at will, splicing the screen body! The stage rental LED display has the closest relationship with our users, and it is also very necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance.

Third, keep the humidity of the environment where the stage rental LED display is used, and do not let any moisture enter your stage rental LED display. Increasing the humidity of the stage rental and sales screen will cause the components of the stage rental LED display to corrode and cause permanent damage, so it is absolutely not acceptable. Also, if you enter the stage rental screen for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the screen display board is dry.

LCF Group's warm reminder: Do not expose the stage LED rental screen to the outdoor environment for a long time, such as wind, sunlight, dust, etc. After a period of time, there must be dust on the screen, which needs to be cleaned in time. The surface of the stage rental LED display can be wiped with alcohol, or dusted with a brush or a vacuum cleaner, and cannot be wiped directly with a damp cloth.