The Influence of LED Electronic Screen on Lighting Design

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-23 17:18 Views: 211

First of all, the stage of many parties is now a big box that emits light to a certain extent, and its brightness and richness of colors are unprecedented. This is equivalent to a lot of small lights of different colors on the entire stage. Even if no lighting equipment is used in some programs, the brightness of the ambient light is enough to support the recording of the camera. This seems to be a good phenomenon, but it is not. We all know that too many light sources on the stage will inevitably increase the difficulty of the lighting engineer to control the light, since these light sources are basically colored ambient light.

Second, the nearly fully enclosed stage did not leave enough space for the gaffer to display the colorful lights. On the traditional stage, the empty and dark parts left by the stage scenery are further created and played by the lighting. The bright or dark lighting and the bright set shape form a combination of virtual and real, and a mutually beneficial relationship. From the point and the line to the surface, the space is full. On the other hand, on the stage of some parties today, almost all the corners are full of LED displays. Although the picture is beautiful, it gives people the feeling of being too "full", too "blocked", and even gives people a feeling of depression. And once some of the pictures have a black background, it fails to leave enough position and space for the light to make up for the empty black. In a sense, this itself violates the laws of stage design.


Third, the pattern of the LED display is often in conflict with the light beam, pattern and color of the computer light. According to the current practice of CCTV, the lighting effect is basically sacrificed to ensure the picture of the LED electronic screen. Some people may say that a beautiful picture can more accurately convey the theme and internal communication of the program than the beam spot. In fact, it is not the case. Over a thousand straightforward expressions can only be turned into a simple preaching, rather than an art that impresses and inspires people. Therefore, the Spring Festival Evening will not see the magnificent and breathtaking lighting effects. I can only see the bright surface light on the stage, the inconspicuous backlight, and the few fixed-point lights. The rest are just beautiful cartoons. The whole picture is of the same color system. Adding a fixed-point backlight to the actors may make the picture more three-dimensional, but whether that will destroy the overall sense of the picture? It is worth studying.