Relying on innovation to get out of the current development dilemma of the LED display industry

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-09-07 09:52 Views: 1081

Since the development of industry segmentation, LED display innovations have often occurred, but many of them are short-lived. Few products can become "evergreens" in the market. Especially as the market gradually becomes saturated, the market share of screen companies continues to shrink. Industry competition has become increasingly difficult, so that many screen companies have begun to reduce their investment in "innovation"...especially some small and medium-sized screen companies with greater survival pressure.

"Where can small and medium-sized enterprises continue to invest so much money, it is not bad to survive", this sentence has become the voice of many LED screen companies for a period of time. 


However, while many screen companies are still doubting the value and significance of innovation, some leading screen companies have begun to reap a round of "innovation dividends", enjoying the returns brought by continuous innovation, and their performance has leapfrogged from large-scale to high-quality. There are also a number of screen companies that promote cross-border innovation in LED display categories, such as LED light pole screens combined with street lights, LED advertising machines integrated into the new retail market, and other products, all injecting a lot of fresh vitality into the LED display industry.

Therefore, we should never doubt the value and use of innovation, let alone the future and prospects of innovation.

At present, what each LED display manufacturer needs to do is to be clear: the boundaries and fields of innovation, don’t confuse innovation with imitation and plagiarism, but embed innovation in all areas of the enterprise in order to build an innovation-driven system and platform , Reap the dividend of innovation.

In the new market form, the innovation of the LED display industry is not only an awareness, cognition, but also a means and method, but also a system and drive. Innovation must be integrated into all aspects of business operations. In the end, it should be implanted in all departments and all employees of the company's operations, not just in the upstream technological innovation and product development links. In recent years, more and more LED screen companies are not only satisfied with the innovation of technology research and development, but are also actively promoting the three-dimensional innovation and layout of marketing, channels, and user services.

For example, some leading LED screen companies have established brand-new drive systems in LED display technology and intelligence in recent years, and innovated in line with market demand to accelerate the upgrade of LED displays from products to overall solutions; there are also some flagships Channel screen companies are based on the channel market and expand the distribution system through deep cultivation of channels and optimizing services...In recent years, various methods and content innovations in the first-line market have emerged and become increasingly diversified. Many LED screen companies are not entangled in whether the innovation itself is strong or weak, more or less, but strives to use their own energy and rely on innovation to reverse the current market dilemma.

At the same time, what needs innovation, change and breakthrough in the LED display industry chain is user-oriented service and experience, which is also the weakness and shortcoming of industrial development. On the one hand, user service is a typical "long investment cycle and slow return", many manufacturers lack long-term investment and planning; on the other hand, after-sales service is easy to be "free" in the quagmire, and many manufacturers are unable to find it. To profit returns. How to solve this problem well requires the collective efforts of the entire industry.