Creating consumption hotspots and meeting user pain points are important tasks for LED display manufacturers in product innovation and marketing refor

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-08-27 09:53 Views: 938

In recent years, the most painful thing for many LED display manufacturers is the weak shipments and weak demand in the first-line market. What makes display people even more embarrassed is that they can’t find the pain points of users and the hot spots of the market. The current series of problems facing the LED display market in China are no longer suitable for "price reduction, promotion" to deal with Instead, we must start with the fundamental problems of the market and users.


In the age of quality, market "hot spots" must rely on itself

In recent years, we have clearly felt the lack of “hot spots” that can really detonate in the first-line LED display market after the small pitch. For many manufacturers, price wars are still a tried-and-tested market tactic. Therefore, in the LED display market in the past two years, although there are new trends in product technology such as Mini LEDs and transparent screens, the products that can really meet the market's pain points and detonate the market are still very limited.


Similarly, when users can't find their pain points, imitating and plagiarizing the best-selling products, hot products, and marketing measures of their peers has also become the landscape of the first-line market in the past few years. This is also because the innovation threshold of LED displays is not high, and few screen companies have core technologies that "others cannot imitate". Even the development strategy has become a "following" direction. For example, more and more screen companies are starting to upgrade their consumption around high-end products and high-end brands, which has muddled the water in the high-end market, led to the price war of many high-end products, and lowered the brand. The high-end texture, even the high-end brand positioning of some screen companies has become a "bubble."

In fact, for manufacturers, the so-called hot spots mainly refer to consumption hotspots, public opinion hotspots, and competition hotspots in the first-tier market. Only when the consumption hotspots are formed, can they drive and attract more users to pay attention to the value-added brought by products, technologies and brands. , Super value service experience, not just staring at the price of the product. For example, the competition in the quality of the display screen technology and the competition for the quality of products and services will help to increase the attractiveness of the industry to users and the market.

Industrial transformation and upgrading, products and services must keep up

Identifying user pain points is as important as creating market hot spots. If we say that creating market hotspots is mainly used to warm up consumer demand and trends; then, the focus of user pain points is to grasp the user's dissatisfaction with the current product, and directly promote the upgrading and formation of certain sales.

At present, China's LED display industry is at the threshold of a new round of quality and experience upgrades, and there is still a lot of room for improvement and transformation in both products and services. This also means that the industry's road to digging into user pain points is still long and arduous, but there is also a large room for commercial returns and value.

And this process is inseparable from the overall improvement of the innovation strength of screen enterprises in the industry, such as products, technologies, services, and brands. Manufacturers need to focus more on product and technological innovation. Dealers, distributors, and engineering companies need Put more resources into services, and at the same time find consumer hot spots in the market, pinpoint user needs and pain points, and truly achieve the steady and sustainable development of the first-line market by meeting user needs and leading the consumption trend.

It can be said that the creation of consumer hot spots and the satisfaction of user pain points will be an important work for LED screen companies in product innovation and marketing reform for a long time in the future!