What technologies are required to install the LED sky screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-11-25 17:20 Views: 544

LED sky screen is a new supporting large display screen for the decoration of urban landmarks such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the roof of the building and plays a good role in lighting and rendering the indoor and outdoor environment decorated with LED sky screen. With the continuous expansion of the LED sky screen market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry. What are the technical requirements for the installation of the LED sky screen? Today Liancheng sent a small editor to talk to you.

Light, thin and transparent

The area of sky curtain projects is generally very large, and they are installed by hoisting, and their own weight cannot be ignored. Therefore, when using the LED sky screen, its weight should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the burden on the load-bearing structure, and the "transparent" design should be adopted to reduce the wind load. In addition, the aesthetics of the LED sky screen itself should also be paid attention to. The light and thin appearance design can add luster to the entire sky screen implementation process


Easy to use

"Lifting the weight as light as possible" is the design standard of large-scale products. The higher the level, the easier the final operation of the larger things, including maintenance, debugging, and use. Light product design can reduce the labor cost in the subsequent installation and maintenance process, making the whole process more efficient.

Standard modular design

For the needs of production and manufacturing, the box needs a certain size. If the box is too large, it is difficult to produce and install. Otherwise, it is simple to produce and cumbersome to install. The standardized design of LED ceiling screen box can integrate the LED display components, power supply, control and unit structure, and is easy to aging, debugging, transportation and installation.

LED display manufacturers have innovatively created a new type of transparent LED sky screen, which can be installed on the sky screen. This kind of sky screen is lighter, more transparent and more magical! In the daytime, the screen can present a translucent visual effect, and the blue sky and white clouds can be seen with good lighting; At night, you can play beautiful videos under the bright stars and bring people a stunning visual feast with wonderful sound effects.