What are the Advantages of Outdoor LED Surface Mount Displays?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-08 11:03 Views: 793

1. High brightness and large viewing angle:

Using Intel's high-brightness SMD3535+ three-in-one light-emitting diode, the brightness can reach more than 6000cd/㎡; it is completely suitable for outdoor environment use, the three-in-one surface mount screen lamp tube has good color mixing, excellent color reproduction and large viewing angle, giving people The visual sense far exceeds the traditional outdoor in-line full-color display.

2. The weight of the box is light:

The aluminum alloy material box structure design is very light; it is beautiful and not easy to deform, and it is easy to assemble and flat. It is suitable for rental companies, vehicle-mounted screens, and mobile media; column installation or wall installation reduces the pressure of the screen on the steel structure.

3. Improve user efficiency:

The structure design of the rental box is a major feature of our company's structure design, in order to better improve the efficiency of users.


4. Long screen life:

From the selection of materials for the mask, the box, the use of lamps, PCB boards and components, the working life of the screen is greatly improved.

5. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use:

It is suitable for a variety of places and can provide users with more choices; it solves a major problem for the majority of leasing companies to choose indoor and outdoor LED displays; it is also suitable for vehicle-mounted, ship-mounted screens, mobile media and small-area outdoor screens to play advertisements .

6. Advantages of glue-free:

The colloid filled in the module in the traditional outdoor screen will gradually age under the sun, rain and ultraviolet radiation. After the characteristics of the colloid change, it will crack and fall off, causing the circuit board and LED to lose their protective layer, even after a long time. After thermal expansion and cold contraction, the waterproof effect cannot be achieved, and the glue will enter the screen through the gap, which will corrode the PCB board and affect the life and stability of the entire screen.