Why do LED small pitch displays shine in the conference room?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-11-25 17:08 Views: 521

Small pitch led display screen and transparent led screen suddenly broke out in the market and attracted people's attention. in just a year, they steadily occupied a part of the market. With the increasing market demand, the market demand for small spacing led displays is still in an explosive stage. Among them, the demand for small pitch led displays in conference rooms is obviously high. Why is the small pitch LED display recognized by many enterprises, and what advantages does it have compared with other displays?

Referring to the above questions, we should first consider what kind of LED display screen is needed in the conference room, and what conditions should the display screen used in the conference room meet? The meeting room is an important place decided by the decision-making company. During the meeting and discussion, a quiet environment such as comfortable environment, comfortable light and no noise must be guaranteed. Small pitch led display screen can not only meet these requirements, but also have good results in other aspects.


First of all, to ensure the integrity of the meeting, the small spacing LED display can work 24 hours without interruption, with a cumulative life of 100000 hours, during which there is no need to replace the lights and light sources. It can also be repaired point by point, which is very cost-effective.

Modular design, ultra-thin edges realize seamless splicing, especially when used to broadcast news topics or hold video conferences, characters will not be split by stitching. At the same time, when displaying the WORD, EXCEL and PPT that are often played in the conference room environment, it will not be confused with the form separation line due to the seam, thus causing misreading and misjudgment of the content.

Secondly, it has consistency. The color and brightness of the whole screen are uniform and consistent, and can be corrected point by point. It completely avoids the dark corners, dark edges, "patching" and other phenomena that commonly occur after a certain period of use in projection fusion, LCD/PDP panel splicing, and DLP splicing, especially when "visual" analysis charts, graphics and other "pure background" content are often played in the conference display, The small pitch high-definition LED display scheme has incomparable advantages.

The brightness can only be adjusted, which is suitable for various office environments. Since LED is self luminous, it is little affected by the ambient light. The picture is more comfortable and the details are presented perfectly according to the light and shade changes of the surrounding environment. In contrast, the brightness of projection fusion and DLP splicing display is slightly low (200cd/㎡ - 400cd/㎡ in front of the screen), which is difficult to meet the application needs for large conference rooms or conference rooms with bright ambient light. It supports wide range adjustment of color temperature from 1000K to 10000K, meeting the requirements of different application fields, and is particularly suitable for some conference display applications with special requirements for color, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference, medical display, etc.

In terms of display settings, wide viewing angle supports 170 ° horizontal/160 ° vertical viewing angle, better meeting the needs of large conference room environment and ladder type conference room environment. High contrast, faster response speed, and high refresh rate meet the requirements of high-speed moving image display. The ultra-thin box unit design saves a lot of floor space compared with DLP splicing and projection fusion. Convenient installation and maintenance, saving maintenance space. Efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise, giving users a perfect meeting environment. In comparison, the noise of DLP, LCD and PDP splicing units is greater than 30dB (A), and the noise is greater after multiple splicing.