The Importance of LED Display Large-Screen Monitoring System In Construction Safety

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With the rapid development of the intelligent industry in recent years, the LED display large-screen monitoring system has broken the analog structure of the past "closed-circuit television system", and realized the real-time, vivid and true reflection of the monitored object's picture, which has become one of the most important tasks in modern management. An extremely effective tool for surveillance control, its application has gradually spread to all walks of life, and has a unique role in modern architecture. The specific performance is that it can improve the level of safety production informatization management, strengthen construction site safety protection management, monitor the implementation of construction site safety production measures in real time, and ensure that the entire construction process is under control, so that safety hazards can be eliminated in time.

1. The necessity of applying LED large screen monitoring system to construction site

In some construction sites, some construction units often neglect production safety in order to catch up with the construction period or reduce costs, leaving hidden safety hazards. In order to ensure the construction safety of construction projects, the traditional supervision methods are inefficient and cannot adapt to the new situation of increasing urban construction in recent years. Strengthening the means of safety supervision on construction sites is the primary and urgent task before the construction safety supervision department. The large-screen monitoring system is adopted to supervise the construction site in real time through the large LED screen, which not only reduces the workload of the supervisors, but also strengthens the regulation and supervision, and improves the work efficiency.


2. The inevitability of applying the principle of LED large screen monitoring system to construction safety management

Through the LED large-screen monitoring system, construction enterprises can implement remote control and real-time viewing of the construction site where the monitoring system is installed; the construction site project department, project construction unit, and supervision unit can control and use LED large-screen monitoring equipment for on-site real-time supervision. It is a useful supplement to the current traditional management mode of safety work.

3. Strengthen the installation technical requirements of LED large screen monitoring system to enhance the effectiveness of safety supervision

Through the reasonable layout of the construction site, efforts are made to improve the practicability, adaptability and flexibility of the system in the implementation of remote monitoring, to meet the different needs of safety supervision work to the greatest extent, and to realize the need for all-round monitoring of the construction site and personnel. Effective guarantee of monitoring effect.

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