What should I do when there are bright lines on the LED display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-12-01 16:56 Views: 433

Some customers found that after purchasing the LED display, bright lines will inevitably appear on the LED electronic large screen during use. So, how should we deal with it? LED display manufacturer LCF tells you that before maintenance, it is recommended to conduct self-inspection from three aspects:


1. Determine whether the power supply of the electronic display is damaged and whether it can be used normally. Because the power supply controls multiple unit boards at the same time. Can measure whether the output voltage is between 4.9 ~ 5.5V. Otherwise the power supply may be damaged.

2. Check whether the control card is in normal use. First, turn on the power and check whether the indicator light of the display control card is on; if not, please check whether there is a 5V power supply and whether the display can display content. If the content can be displayed, it means that the display function of the control card is good; then use the control card software to find the control card. If it is found, it means that the function of the control card sending content is good; if not, please check whether the communication line is connected. If connected, there may be a problem with the card. As long as these two functions are normal, the control card can be used. Otherwise, the control card must be replaced

3. Check whether the battery board of the LED electronic large screen is intact. All signals on the LED electronic screen are input from one board to another board. If a single board fails, it will affect the normal operation of the rear panel. Please check whether the boards are normal one by one.

LED electronic large screen manufacturer Lianchengfa recommends that you do not buy low-quality and low-priced LED large screens. The voltage of these LED electronic display screens is unstable, resulting in leakage. Improper operation methods and human error will affect the display effect of the electronic display. It is recommended that you choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance when purchasing LED displays. LCF Lighting specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of LED displays, providing customers with professional solutions!