Product Features and Application Scope of Flip LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-27 10:54 Views: 704

First. Product Features

1. The spray painting screen is displayed during the day, and the spray painting screen A and the spray painting screen B are switched to display each other.

2. The three-sided section belongs to the general section specification.

3. At night, the LED display automatically turns out at night, playing a video image that is quite dry to the conventional LED display.

4. The overall structure has good compatibility with the traditional three-sided flip, and it is easy to dry to realize the simple grafting of the display screen and the three-sided flip billboard.

5. The modular design of the LED display screen that supports frontal maintenance and is easy to install and disassemble.

6. When installed on the LED display module turned over on three sides, it can ensure that any LEDs are evenly arranged, so as to achieve the integrity of the picture.

7. The LED display can play various texts, various animations and full-color video images, and the content can be changed at any time, reflecting the multimedia functions

8. Good outdoor performance, with comprehensive performance such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, salt-proof, rain-proof, snow-proof, electromagnetic interference-proof, lightning-proof and so on.

9. The power consumption is only one-eighth of the conventional display screen, and there is no special cooling device to use the protection module at night, the later operation cost is low, and the service life is long.


Second. Scope of application

It can not only be used as a commercial advertisement display platform, but also a perfect platform for government departments at all levels to conduct public welfare and legal publicity. Roofs, walls, plazas, commercial centers, cross roads, pedestrian streets, and large shopping malls. Its modular design is easy to disassemble and reinstall. It is convenient for consumers to change the installation location at any time according to the importance, and it is widely used.