How to solve the full-color LED display flower screen?

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At present, LED display screens are more and more widely used. Do you know how to solve the LED display screen failure? There are many reasons why the full-color LED display screen cannot be displayed normally. Next, LCF will take you to see how to solve the full-color LED display screen.

 If the new screen is installed and powered on, it may be that the control card setting scan is incorrect, or the cable is not plugged in correctly (check the cable from the control card to the first board), and the 5V power supply may also cause this problem.

 If you suddenly find this phenomenon after using it for a period of time, besides the failure of the control card, the biggest possibility is that the board has been flooded and burned the chip or power supply.

You can also try to connect a monitor with a DVI interface to see if the signal of the DVI output port of the graphics card is normal. Generally, the DVI interface resolution of Lingxingyu cards is 1024*768. The cause of the blurred screen on the LED display may also be a graphics card problem or a driver problem. Try to unplug the network cable of the receiving card behind the display and press the debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen scan is normal.


In addition, other reasons for the full-color LED display screen are also provided for your reference:

1. The LED display screen cannot display the flower screen

Solution: Check whether the power supply of the LED electronic display is normal and whether there is a 220V strong power input.

 2. The LED electronic display is abnormal and the screen is blurred


(1) Whether the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct, and whether there is any signal transmitted to the LED control card of the electronic display screen;

(2) Whether the communication line is normal, check whether the LED control card has signal input;

(3) Whether the 5V power supply of the LED control card is normal;

3. Part of the LED electronic display screen displays abnormally, such as black screen, flower screen

Solution: Check whether the power supply of the abnormally displayed screen is working normally; the signal transmission line is faulty; a single module of the screen is faulty.

A. There is a problem with the output

1. Check whether the line from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short-circuited.

2. Check whether the clock latch signal of the output port is normal.

3. Detect whether the cascaded output data port between the last driver ICs is connected to the data port of the output interface or whether it is short-circuited.

4. The heat dissipation of the chassis is not good, which causes the temperature of the graphics card to rise.

Solution: Eliminate heat dissipation problems.

Check whether the fan is running normally, add oil to the fan, clean up the dust in the chassis, and solve the heat dissipation problem, and the fault can be eliminated.

5. Reinstall the system, the graphics card or monitor does not support high resolution.


(1) Restart the computer, press the F8 key continuously, in the advanced startup menu, choose to enter "Safe Mode" and press Enter to log in to the system, then enter the display settings under Windows, select the 16-color state, click the "Apply" button, and click "OK ” button.

(2) Restart the computer, in the normal mode of windows, enter the device manager, delete the graphics card driver, and restart the computer.

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