What fields can LED curved screen be used in?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-10-19 11:11 Views: 471

On the market, we see that most LED displays are flat, with a single shape and flat display effect. In recent years, the appearance of LED curved screen has broken the restriction of the traditional screen's regular shape, not limited to the traditional rectangle and plane shape, and can be spliced into various irregular shapes to display, so as to better adapt to the overall structure and scene of the building.

The modules of the LED curved screen are light, thin and curved, which can be bent at will. At the same time, the installation methods are more diverse, such as floor type, suspension type, embedded type, ceiling type, etc., which can better meet the needs of personalized design, improve the visual experience of the LED display screen, and expand the application scenario of the LED curved screen.


Nowadays, users are becoming more and more personalized about LED display screen. What diversified application scenarios can the birth of LED curved screen bring to the building curtain wall? There are mainly these application scenarios:

1. In the field of smart home, the LED curved screen can make the product design more imaginative and have a significant impact on the future smart home. The living room, bedroom, kitchen appliances and even the bath rate can achieve curved display control.

2. In the field of film and television, with the gradual popularization of LED curved screen, the real LED curved screen will achieve clearer and better image quality and present a real scene.

3. In the enterprise exhibition hall, the LED curved screen has fine image quality, non-linear correction and clear image effect; The animation effect is vivid and diverse; The video effect is smooth and realistic. The publicity materials of the enterprise are displayed in the form of pictures and videos to better establish the corporate image.

4. In the stage bar field, the LED curved screen is the main element of the performance. The stage design concept is ingenious, making the LED curved screen integrated with the real scene, consistent with the stage theme. At the same time, the scientific and technological elements of the stage are added, which are very real from close range to long range, presenting a perfect stage effect.

5. In the conference room area, the LED curved screen can be customized according to the venue environment, allowing the audience to view the screen images from different angles, reducing the impact of missing and dark images.

In general, the LED curved screen opens more diversified application scenarios for buildings, provides users with a diversified LED display solution, and creates more miracles in the limited building space.