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      Everyone wants to get their own interests. "Thinking of benefits" is an important motivation for people to do things. "Profits" come from "people". Only when people are united can we get real long-term "profits." An excellent company never takes survival and profitability as its ultimate goal. Lofty ideals and firm beliefs are the driving force for continuous progress. Since its establishment, Lianchengfa has been adhering to the marketing strategy of "jointly promoting development and achieving a better future" and constantly pursuing excellence!




    Attach importance to independent intellectual property rights and carry out trademark protection


      The development and growth of the enterprise itself has promoted the strength of the corporate brand, and the rising popularity and competitiveness of the corporate brand will surely further promote the development of the enterprise. As an important part of intellectual property rights, trademarks are the shining point of corporate brand image and a powerful measure to shape international brands. The successful registration of "LCF" trademarks in the 28 EU countries marked the success of "LCF" as an internationally renowned brand. The goal of LCF has made a historic leap, which has played a more comprehensive protection for the "LCF" brand in the European market.


      The pattern is everything! The greater the ability, the greater the brand, and the greater the responsibility. In the follow-up, Lianchengfa will not forget the original intention and pursue excellence! Casting brand with quality, building reputation with service, winning the global market with quality + service, and providing customers with high-quality products and high-quality corporate services.




      Original marketing model, in-depth service to the global concept


      The current trend of business globalization is unstoppable, globalized trade and competition are becoming fierce, and the development strategy of "going out" is becoming the consensus of many domestic LED display companies. It is also going out of the country, how can it be different from different politics, religions, and history? A more comprehensive connection between countries and regions with cultural differences has become an issue that Lianchengfa must consider.


      Making products more belonging is a common marketing strategy used by Lianchengfa to deploy in the global market. Since 2016, Lianchengfa has started to build a 32-country agency marketing model under the initiative of the founder, Ms. Long Pingfang, and established a long-term and pragmatic strategic cooperation mechanism with local agencies to allow products to pass through the local cultural industry. The running-in, further optimized and applied to the local market. At present, Lianchengfa has established good cooperative relations with companies in more than 100 countries and regions including France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Vietnam, India, the United States, Malaysia, Kuwait, Thailand, Italy, Argentina, etc., and has more than 20 Independent overseas agents ensure that customers all over the world can enjoy 72-hour quick response after-sales service.



 Accurate distribution of channels, fulfilling corporate responsibility


      While consolidating and expanding the international market, Lianchengfa's domestic channel layout is also in full swing. In order to fundamentally increase the stability, reliability and versatility of LED display screens, Lianchengfa has taken the lead in changing the chaos of the domestic channel market-uniform size of channel modules. At the same time, in order to better serve the channel terminals, Lianchengfa established a holding subsidiary in Guizhou—Anshun Lianshunda Technology Co., Ltd., which officially entered a standardized, rapid and large-scale production process, with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 LED modules. , Will be able to open the door to convenience for channel laying.


    "If you can use the power of everyone, you will be invincible in the world." In 2018, Lianchengfa will continue to exert its efforts in channel layout, accurately support the six regions of Northeast, East, Central, South, Southwest, and Northwest China, select 6 excellent provincial agents, and target 300 million in channel sales for the whole year. Create a channel investment environment with Lianchengfa's characteristics with standardized systems, fast processes, standard products, and sophisticated services, and deepen the brand through the guidance of agents to customers and perfect after-sales service. At the same time, it has a good connection with the local in terms of capital, talent, and technology output, and spreads to the whole country from point to point, so that the channel dealers who follow Lianchengfa will be effective, credible, dignified, and successful.




    The future is a service-oriented society, and competition among enterprises will also become competition for services. In the follow-up, Lianchengfa will continue to adhere to the core values of "union, integrity, development", "being small, large customers, and service-oriented", uniting merchants from all over the world, integrating resources, and creating better products and a larger market. , A more comprehensive channel! Gather the potential to seek the future, operate with integrity, and serve with integrity, to achieve the ultimate goal to win the future!


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