Do you know the acceptance criteria for led screens?

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At present, LED display screens are more and more widely used, so do you know what are the acceptance criteria for LED screens? Next, Liancheng sent the editor to take everyone to take a look!

01 Acceptance process

After completing the design documents and all the contents stipulated in the contract, Party B shall first conduct self-inspection according to the design requirements and design and use function contract requirements, and submit an application for the completion acceptance report to Party A after passing the self-inspection. Party A shall organize relevant departments to conduct preliminary inspection within 3 days after receiving the report in accordance with the design requirements and design and use function contract requirements, and propose rectification opinions within 2 days after the preliminary inspection, and Party B shall organize rectification as soon as possible.

After Party A completes the rectification content proposed in the initial inspection, it should submit the inspection again. If there are still rectification items, it still needs to continue to rectify until the faults and problems found in the process of testing, acceptance, and operation have been eliminated, and Party A can obtain Party's approval, and signing on the completion acceptance report is deemed to have passed the completion acceptance.


Hardware submission: After the system and equipment have passed the inspection and acceptance before being handed over to Party A, all equipment, spare parts and special tools specified in the contract shall be submitted to Party A. Party A shall sign on the handover list document.

After the completion acceptance, the contractor shall provide the owner with a complete set of equipment drawings and technical documents and be accepted.

mainly include:

Schematic diagram of LED display system

Installation structure diagram, system electrical diagram

LED technical parameter index

LED display supporting equipment list Equipment and spare parts management information documents, including detailed information on equipment and spare parts shipment and packing (various lists), equipment and spare parts storage and storage technical requirements

Product instruction manual, complete operation and maintenance manual.

Maintenance service contact person and phone number

02Product acceptance items and standards

1. Check the brand, area, quantity of related equipment and software of the screen.

Acceptance criteria: The brand, area and quantity of related equipment of the screen are consistent with the contract, and the manufacturer's product certificate and quality commitment can be provided.

2. The appearance of the LED large screen is inspected.

Acceptance criteria: no obvious traces of dirt and wear by visual inspection

3. Whether the flatness is within a reasonable range

Acceptance criteria: Visual inspection requires no protruding and concave color blocks

4. LED screen pitch indicator

Acceptance criteria: measurement requires pixel pitch to be within plus or minus 2%

5. Large screen color and color difference acceptance

Acceptance criteria: Visual inspection meets the requirements of the contract for resolution and color consistency, and there are no dead or dark spots.

6. Display effect acceptance:

Acceptance criteria: good text and image playback effects, high screen brightness, clear images and documents, and high brightness.

7. Application software system acceptance:

Acceptance criteria: Display animations, external videos, audio-visual files, and text scrolling and playing smoothly, without lag or delay.

8. LED screen heat dissipation, power distribution, lightning protection, waterproof acceptance

Acceptance criteria: whether the number of exhaust fans, power distribution lightning protection equipment, waterproof and other facilities are effectively installed

9. Training acceptance:

Acceptance criteria: Whether the trainees can operate independently, edit and play text or video, and perform simple maintenance.

03Project delivery plan and data list

Organize the relevant information of the project, archive the relevant documents, and unify the binding process.

Submit delivery application.

Improve the relevant optimization items required by customers.

According to the training plan, train the relevant operators required by the owner, and achieve the goal of proficient operation and simple maintenance.

Hand over related equipment materials and spare parts list.

Relevant information submitted to the owner.

04Product acceptance list

display device section

1. Outdoor double-column full-color display screen

serial number

product name





2. Control system (main equipment and accessories)

Control computer, full-color sending card, full-color receiving card, power distribution cabinet

3. Cooling system

Exhaust fan, 200MM*200MM

4. Steel frame structure (double columns,), screen body installation and debugging

serial number

device name





Steel frame mechanism and decoration

(length) m*(height) m=㎡

Packaging, transportation, insurance

Installation, commissioning and training

On-site installation and commissioning training

5. Other

Auxiliary materials

Install scaffolding, aluminum-plastic panels, etc.

spare parts

Modules, switching power supplies, etc.

05 System Diagram


The above is the relevant knowledge of LED screen acceptance compiled by Liancheng Xiaobian for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. At the same time, you are welcome to correct or supplement. Lianchengfa is a world-leading provider of LED display applications and solutions, as well as a national-level professional and special new small giant enterprise. The main business covers four major sections: "Smart City", "Cultural Tourism Commercial Performance", "Commercial Display Engineering", and "Content Technology". It has the world's leading automated production equipment, modern post-doctoral research laboratories and comprehensive sales and services. team. Friends who want to buy LED displays can also contact us Lianchengfa led display manufacturer, a big country brand, trustworthy!