How Should the Transparent LED Display be Maintained Daily?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-11 11:34 Views: 700

LED transparent screens are common in our daily life, because the outstanding display effect is more and more widely used in commercial applications. Today, Liancheng sent a small editor to talk about how to maintain the transparent led screen. Please move the stool and take notes!

Keep voltage and current stable

The sudden change of voltage and current has a great influence on the LED transparent display, although it can still be used normally, it will affect the service life of the LED, so we should try to keep the voltage and current stable, and try not to use high-power electrical appliances , if we must use it, we can suspend the use of the LED transparent display first.

Do not use in strong thunderstorms, humid air, and air-charged environments

This will affect the LED transparent display to a certain extent. If it is an outdoor LED transparent display, please pay attention to lightning protection. Of course, responsible manufacturers will do the grounding during construction.

Use environment should be dry

Although the LED transparent display lamp beads have a certain waterproof ability, in principle, they should be kept away from water, dust and metal substances, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the LED transparent display, and there are potential safety hazards!

keep it clean and try not to have too much dust

Although the led transparent screen has less power and less heat, if there is too much dust, it will still affect the heat dissipation. Overheating of the screen can cause damage to the interior of the transparent led display and affect its lifespan. LED transparent displays are generally used in commercial venues. If customers find a lot of dust, it will have an impact on the brand image! In addition to reminding the led transparent display to do the cleaning work, the power must be cut off again!


Do not use LED transparent screen for a long time

In principle, it can be used for a long time, but if the use environment is not good, the temperature is too high, and the dust is too high will affect the service life. Properly extend the rest time.

Adjust the brightness appropriately

The transparent LED display is a full-color LED display that can display a full range of colors. Brightness is different during day and night. We can make appropriate adjustments, which can save power and prolong the life of the lamp beads.

There are still many details to pay attention to in the daily use of LED transparent screens, which requires us to be careful when using them and use them in a good environment.