How To Set Font on LED Display?

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Each LED display is equipped with a control card and software. After the screen is installed, connect the control card and power supply, and then copy the software to the computer. You can operate directly on the computer, and you can modify the text on it. , scan mode, scroll effect.

Usually, it is operated through a mobile phone, U disk, or computer to change the font and content of the LED display.

If your LED display is equipped with a GSM mobile phone SMS control card, then the tool you use to change words is your mobile phone, and you can send and change advertisement subtitles by editing SMS.

If you want to change the content on the LED display through a computer, there are more options. Need to be combined with actual needs. For example, some stores use it in their personal stores. It is recommended to use a wired control card and send it through a computer, or choose to use a U-disk control card without connecting. If you want to change the advertising content, you can directly use the U-disk to copy it. If the LED display screens are distributed in various communities, or bus stops, front screens of chain stores, etc., if you want to send them collectively, which is convenient and fast, it is recommended to use a GPRS wireless control card to edit the content in the computer software. key group.

It is also worth noting that hardware or software problems will also affect the font settings of the LED display:

1. The computer and the led display are not connected. If the connection cannot be made, it depends on whether the serial port number is correct. It must be correct before it can be sent successfully.

2. When the send icon is clicked, it displays "Cannot find the control card" or "The control card cannot be connected" or "There is no control card setting", etc. This involves the setting of the control card. Technical Support.

3. Sometimes the display screen is used for too long, and the data cable has problems of virtual welding and short circuit, which will affect the use of the display screen.

4. When modifying the content, it must be the case that the LED display is powered on. I believe everyone knows it.

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