The light comes from the screen, and the shadow unfolds on the screen!

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There are many kinds of LED displays, and each type of display has its service direction and market. Among the dazzling LED displays, LED transparent displays have always shown a very vigorous vitality from birth to now. In many LED displays Stand out from the crowd on the screen and open up a world of its own in the application market. Recently, the application of LED transparent screens in shopping mall windows, bar entertainment, cultural and artistic programs and other scenes has been on the rise, showing a hot attitude, which once again makes people feel the unique charm of transparent screens. LED transparent screens emerged in 2017, and have developed in a state of gradual progress so far with little success. However, if LED transparent screens want to continue to gain market recognition in the future, they must also adhere to the mentality of "not arrogant in victory, not discouraged in defeat". Working in the display industry.

Vibrant puberty

LED display screens continue to differentiate its subdivision fields, and LED transparent screens appeared around 2012 in response to the subdivision needs of the display market, and achieved market explosion in 2017, and have occupied a territory in the display industry so far. The development process of 2008 can be regarded as a steady rise, and it is in the vigorous juvenile stage of its own development. When the LED transparent screen was born, due to the renovation of large screens and the improvement of the city's image, the LED display screen was in a period of setbacks. In order to better match the building construction and reduce the "black screen" phenomenon, LED display manufacturers began to develop high-permeability , a transparent LED display that can minimize the impact on the image of buildings. It takes a process from the emergence of new things to passing the market test and gaining people's high recognition, so the initial development of transparent LED display screens is not smooth.

After a period of unknown status, transparent LED display screens rose strongly in 2017 with the characteristics of transparency, lightness, fashion, and beauty. At this time, transparent LED display screens can make their debut, which is inseparable from the country's promotion of smart city construction. And policy support for building lighting projects.


2017 is an important year for my country to fully promote the construction of smart cities. The development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing" continues to deepen. Concepts such as big data, Internet +, and Internet of Things will give new connotations to future smart cities At the same time, the construction of a new city image came into being. More and more LED transparent display products appeared in every corner of the new city. Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, windows and other places with glass are all LED transparent display products. The market where the screen exists.

For building lighting projects, the required glass screens may be replaced with LED transparent displays. And in the process of updating the appearance of the new smart city, it will be more widely used. Taking the glass curtain wall as an example, many buildings now have a soft spot for the application of glass walls for the sake of light transmission, saving building materials, and environmental protection. Due to its lightness, lightness, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, the LED transparent display can be described as a hit with the glass curtain wall. The application of the glass curtain wall not only meets the requirements of the building itself for the use of glass walls, but also because of its The stylish, beautiful, generous, modern and technological atmosphere adds a special aesthetic feeling to urban buildings, and because of the good light transmission performance, the LED transparent screen wall will not affect the lighting of the building when it is not working. It can be seen that Its architectural practicability, display practicability, and ornamental value are all in line with many development requirements of the current urban image.

With the construction of smart cities, some traditional advertising styles are gradually becoming outdated in some areas with functional applications. Fashionable and technologically advanced transparent LED displays are rapidly rising in the image of new cities and become the focus of many advertisers. In the advertising application of smart cities, LED transparent screens show a great market application trend.

From 2017 to the present, transparent LED advertising screens have increasingly become a "rookie" in the display industry, and their popularity in the market is no less than that of small pitches. Whether it is in the industry's large or small exhibitions, or in many recent excellent cases, transparent LED advertising screens are very common.

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In addition to its extremely high market value, transparent LED displays are also favored by many high-end customers for their transparency, lightness, fashion, and beauty. More and more appear in high-rise buildings/mansions, museum cultural relics, technology exhibitions, High-end display places such as large shopping plazas also frequently appear in bars and entertainment venues, large-scale cultural and educational programs, and singing and drama stages, and are fully applied in various cultural, entertainment and business scenarios.

If the application of transparent LED display screens in conventional shopping mall windows is relatively common, then the recent case of bringing people the ultimate light and shadow visual feast in bars is another feat in the application of LED transparent screens. The bar has always been synonymous with fashion pioneers, sparing no effort in the pursuit of fashion cool and personalization. In terms of display effect, traditional LED rental screens can no longer meet people's growing demand for creative display. The traditional box-type cloth makes the installation position of the light extremely limited. There will be no atmospheric light and ambient light on the stage, and the atmosphere of the scene is not harmonious enough. It is difficult to present a perfect stage effect.

The emergence of transparent LED screens makes up for the shortcomings of traditional LED displays. It can be built according to the diversity of bar stage shapes, and the screen can be hung at will to show the stage frame and the overall depth of the frame. LED transparent screen products have the advantages of being transparent, light and thin, and rich in color. It is not easy to block the projection of light effects, and it is basically invisible when not in use. When it is lit, the display screen is like floating in the air, making customers immerse themselves in the in. The bar stage can use it to extend the depth of field of the entire picture, while leaving room for the hanging and playing of lights, which can present a certain atmosphere and dynamics for the entire stage, and can express more themes.

At the same time, compared with conventional LED screens, LED transparent screens are easier to realize various creative shapes, such as spherical, triangular, and rhombus. Owners can carry out personalized customization according to their actual needs, differentiated operations, design different theme styles and festival themes, create a city landmark bar scene, provide customers with a better experience, enhance the image of the bar, attract customers and Increase operating profit.

In the era of fierce competition in display technology, transparent display technology has been further improved. From the initial simple design to the perfect cooperation of LED transparent screens with bar stage and lighting, the application of LED transparent screens in bars has become more and more mature and brilliant, and it has also set off a wave of cool applications of transparent screens in the bar industry. Dazzling the trend, we will see more applications of transparent screens in bars in the future.

mature stage

As we all know, the transparent LED advertising screen is an "innovation" of the light bar screen in the industry. At the same time, targeted improvements have been made in various aspects such as the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system. With the hollow design structure, The permeability is greatly improved. Compared with other transparent display technologies such as OLED, transparent LED advertising screen also has the advantages of seamless splicing, regardless of size and area. However, there are still many "troubles" that hinder the development of transparent LED advertising screens.

People in the industry believe that the current transparent LED advertising screens, from a technical point of view, although many transparent LED advertising screen products are very mature and stable, and their application in subdivided fields is also relatively successful, but in terms of point spacing and permeability, there are two differences. There are still certain contradictions among those who are: the smaller the dot spacing of the LED advertising screen, the higher the definition and the better the display effect, and one of the important reasons why the LED transparent screen is popular in the market is because of its good permeability. Therefore, many LED advertising screen manufacturers continue to optimize transparent display products and improve their transparency. In terms of clarity and transparency, LED advertising screens can only make products more in line with market requirements if they resolve the "contradiction" between the two. But it seems there is still a long way to go.

From the perspective of the market situation, as mentioned above, most of the current transparent LED advertising screen products are used in some high-end commercial display fields, and the important reason is the high price. Of course, this is also related to the fact that transparent LED advertising screens in the current industry are still "niche products", and the market volume is relatively small. There are almost no screen companies in the industry that have mass-produced transparent LED advertising screens, so the price has remained high. The same reason , If the price does not go down, the market will certainly not rise, so the current price reduction of LED transparent products mainly depends on the optimization of industry productivity to reduce costs.

On the other hand, there is another important reason that currently hinders the development of transparent LED advertising screens - high maintenance costs. Transparent LED advertising screen products are almost all used in large-scale engineering projects, and the difficulty of maintenance can be seen. Apart from the influence of the maintenance environment, compared with conventional LED advertising screens, transparent LED advertising screens are often "a big piece when they are broken". Maintenance Of course, the cost is much higher, so the standardized production and service construction of transparent LED advertising screens must be put on the agenda and implemented as soon as possible.

In addition, there are some other details of the transparent LED advertising screen that need to be upgraded or processed. For example, its rainproof, windproof, dustproof, and sunscreen functions need to be strengthened. Let transparent LED advertising screens have a sense of design, innovation, etc. Currently, screen companies in the industry such as Lianchengfa are forward-looking and have begun to combine VR and other technologies with transparent LED advertising screens to create excellent display effects. I believe that With the development of technology innovation and the price drop of transparent LED advertising screen products, LED transparent products will usher in a broader market blue ocean.

The LED transparent display that attracts people's attention as soon as it appears can be described as "vigorous" to describe its development in the past few years. By beautifying buildings, assisting dancers, and enhancing the atmosphere of bars, etc., it has won the favor of a part of the display market. I believe that LED transparent screens will gradually balance the spacing and clarity in the future based on the original intention of providing transparent screens that are more in line with market demand. Combined with digital interactive technology, it will surely have a mature period full of opportunities and bring us more " The enjoyment of beauty", let people enjoy the ultimate feast of light and shadow.

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