The Principle and Classification of Special-Shaped LED Transparent Screen

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-30 13:58 Views: 641

Conventional LED transparent screens have been unable to fully meet the market demand. In addition to the daily display function, the requirements on the appearance are also further improved, so that they can better adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment, resulting in special-shaped LED transparent screens.

Compared with the conventional LED transparent screen, the special-shaped LED transparent screen appears, which has better modeling ability, meets the special customization needs, and at the same time meets the diverse needs of viewing vision, injecting new vitality into the transparent screen industry.


Special-shaped LED transparent screens pay more attention to structural breakthroughs, and because of their different appearances and different structures, they have higher requirements for research and development capabilities and production processes. If the manufacturer's technology is not good enough, the spliced LED screen will be uneven in appearance due to the excessive gap between the seams and the discontinuous splicing surface.

There are many problems, which affect the viewing effect and destroy the beauty of the overall design. More importantly, the design of the circuit and structure of the LED special-shaped screen is more complicated, which puts forward high requirements for the R&D capability of the manufacturer.

At present, LED special-shaped transparent screens are mainly classified into the following types: arc, fan, triangle, circle and other structural forms, of which the most common is the arc LED transparent screen.

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