What is LED Screen Lamp Driver Integration, Lamp Driver Separation?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-25 17:39 Views: 496

In terms of the LED display circuit board, it is generally composed of a light board and a driver board. At present, there are two design schemes on the market, one is the integration of the lamp driver, and the other is the separation of the lamp driver. Today, LCF sent a small editor to explain to you what is the integration of the lamp driver and what is the separation of the lamp driver.

The combination of the lamp and the driver means that the LED lamp and the driver IC are all on one PCB, and the IC is on the front of the PCB, eliminating the need for copper sockets. The disadvantage is that maintenance is troublesome.

The separation of the lamp driver means that the LED is on an independent PCB board, and the driver IC is on another PCB board.


The lamp driver separation is generally used for the following reasons:

First: The LED screen uses plug-in LEDs, and the lamp pins of the LEDs affect the normal placement of the driver IC on the back, so the lamp driver separation method is adopted;

Second: The LED screen point spacing is too small, which affects the wiring of the PCB board in the electronic design. The separation of the lamp driver can increase the wiring area of the PCB board;

Third: It is beneficial to heat dissipation without affecting the display effect of the LED. If the lamp driver is used in one, when the LED lamp density is large (that is, when the LED screen dot spacing is small), the heat generated by the driver IC when working is reduced. At this time, the heat of the driver IC will directly affect the LED light facing the IC through the PCB, causing the color of the LED light to change. This is not the case with lamp driver separation.

Comparison of lamp driver integration and lamp driver separation:

1. From the perspective of cost: the cost of lamp-driver integration is slightly lower.

2. From the maintenance point of view: the separate lamp driver is easy to maintain, because it can be replaced by each other for detection, and the lamp driver separated lamps are concentrated together, so it is easy to change the lamp.

3. From the perspective of heat dissipation, the separation of the lamp driver is more conducive to heat dissipation.

To sum up: Generally, the indoor scanning screen (because of the small number of chips) uses a relatively more integrated lamp driver (cost saving), while most of the outdoor use the form of separate lamp driver to prolong the screen effect and life.