How Much Do You Know About LED Special-Shaped Screen?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-15 15:23 Views: 952

LED special-shaped screen

Different from the rectangular shape of the conventional LED display screen, the shape of the LED special-shaped screen is different and beautiful. Spherical, arc, Rubik's cube, triangle, fan and other high-value poses come to display some highly creative content.

LED spherical screen

The LED spherical screen has a full 360° viewing angle, and can play videos in all directions. You can feel good visual effects from any angle, and there is no plane viewing angle problem. At the same time, it can also directly insinuate spherical objects such as the earth and football on the display screen according to the needs, which makes people feel lifelike and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, and exhibition halls.


LED Rubik's Cube Screen

The LED cube is usually composed of six LED surfaces to form a cube, and it can also be spliced into a geometric shape with a special shape, and the surfaces are perfectly connected with minimal gaps. It can be viewed from any angle around it, getting rid of the look and feel of traditional flat-screen displays. It is suitable for installation in the atrium of bars, hotels or commercial real estate, and can give the audience a new visual experience.

Tunnel LED Display

Time tunnel screen is a crossing experience project created with high-definition LED display, which is mostly used in major scenic spots, playgrounds, etc. Delicate pictures combined with immersive videos create a variety of immersive visual experiences with artistic techniques, from the beautiful underwater world to the fragrant birds and flowers in spring, shady trees in summer, colorful fallen leaves in autumn, and silver in winter, all seasons change. It is close to the eyes, giving tourists an immersive and shocking visual enjoyment!


Canopy LED Display

The dome sky screen installed above the relatively confined space is majestic and radiant, which has the effect of rendering, decoration and lighting. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, immersive romantic wedding theme creation, on the ceiling of large shopping malls, large stages, exhibition halls and other large buildings, large area, light weight, different shapes, become the "eye-catching" weapon for the audience !

Column LED Display

It is mainly installed on the column, both the column and the square column can be installed, which breaks the conventional installation method and realizes the seamless connection between the surfaces! The most attractive thing about this screen is its unique shape, which gets rid of the senses of the traditional flat-screen display, and brings a new visual three-dimensional feeling to people!

Stair LED display

The stair LED display is a kind of LED floor tile screen. It is a personalized LED display product mainly used on the floor with certain load-bearing and shock-proof functions. It adopts a sturdy and durable aluminum alloy structure and a resin mask with high wear resistance, so that it can be directly stepped on when placed on the ground; the modular design of quick disassembly and assembly makes installation and maintenance easy.

As a relatively novel display form, the special-shaped screen has its unique display charm, and more and more people will surely realize its superiority in display. Coupled with the diversification of products to meet the individual needs of customers, more and more users have recognized the special-shaped screen. It is recommended that you choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance when purchasing LED displays. LCF Lighting specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of LED displays, and provides customers with professional solutions!