How to Choose "Price" And "Quality" When Buying LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-11 11:40 Views: 597

As in any industry, if you care about quality, please respect its price; if you want cheap, please don't delusionally have good products. Quality and price are directly proportional. The same is true for the purchase of LED displays. Don't choose a cheap LED display for the sake of being cheap. For customers who intend to buy LED screens, in addition to caring about product quality, price is also a crucial factor. However, the price of LED display is related to many factors. To understand the price more clearly, please follow the editor of Liancheng to read down:

The cost per square meter of the LED display is closely related to the basic configuration of the LED display, including LED lamp beads, chips, box materials, etc., and even related to the processing technology of direct insertion or surface mount. Generally, the die-cast aluminum LED box is more durable than the sheet metal box, but the price is correspondingly higher.

Due to changes in market conditions, the quotations of each LED display manufacturer will be different, and the quality and performance will be different. Cheap products are generally not cost-effective, the quality is not guaranteed, the probability of problems is high, and the after-sales service is difficult. The price of purchasing LED display is not the only factor, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the formality of the manufacturer, the use of the product, the environment, etc.

How to choose an LED manufacturer?

First, look at the scale of the manufacturer. Users need to know their own needs and choose the scale of the company according to the company's investment budget and the best expected results. Buying an LED display is not like buying ordinary consumer electronics, which can be eliminated after a few uses.

Second, the R&D and innovation capabilities of manufacturers Although the LED display industry is relatively mature now, it still has a certain technical content, especially the emergence of some LED special-shaped screens and LED creative screens in recent years. These products are more difficult than ordinary products in structure and circuit design. If they are not properly designed, there will be many problems during use, and even shorten the life of the product. Therefore, the research and development strength of enterprises is very important.

Third, the luminous color and luminous efficiency of LEDs are related to the materials and processes used to make LEDs.

At present, three kinds of red, green and blue are widely used. Due to the low operating voltage of LED, it can actively emit light and has a certain brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted by voltage. It is shock-resistant, vibration-resistant and has a long life. There is currently no other display method that can match the LED display method.

Fourth, conduct on-the-spot inspections to multiple LED display manufacturers

Because of the different LED display production process, screen assembly process, and installation technology experience, it will directly affect the construction period, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost of Linuo Optoelectronics LED display production. Compare the performance characteristics of products and projects, and choose the LED display manufacturer that suits your needs

Therefore, when choosing an LED electronic display, the LED display manufacturer Liancheng Fa recommends customers to choose a suitable LED electronic display according to the usage scenario, unit budget, etc., and judge whether the purchase is cost-effective from the comprehensive performance and price of the LED display. more objective.