Little Knowledge About Smart Light Poles

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-11 11:28 Views: 458

Thanks to the new opportunities created by the current smart city and digital city, display equipment as a carrier to highlight digitization and informatization has also gained more attention during the period, and LED light pole screens have also appeared in the supporting applications of street lamps. new development advantages.

Why should a waterproof board be added to the top of the LED light pole screen box?

On the premise of not affecting the appearance, after adding a waterproof board, the overall waterproofness of the light pole screen has been improved by several grades. The waterproof board made of stainless steel has poor adhesion and can prevent bird excrement from staying and corroding the surface of the box.

How much wind resistance should the LED light pole screen achieve? How waterproof is it?

Level 12. Have a test report. Waterproof is IP65, higher.


Why should the installation design of LED light pole screen be standardized?

For any electronic equipment, in addition to its own quality problems, the standardization of installation is a very critical part. Therefore, the standardization of the installation design of the light pole screen, the standardization of packaging, the standardization of component matching, the standardization of software settings, and the final guarantee of stable operation. Many failures are in the installation process.

Why is the LED light pole screen made of aluminum alloy?

Aluminum alloy can have a beautiful appearance, and the weight can be the lowest.

Why can't the LED light pole screen use the technology of the conventional screen?

The light pole screen area is small and the volume is large, the site is inconvenient for maintenance, and it will be damaged after a problem. Conventional screen parameters do not have high requirements and cannot meet the usage scenarios of light pole screens, such as brightness, energy saving, weight, function, and technology. The material of the conventional screen is indeed cheap, but the power consumption is high, and the power supply and fan configuration of the conventional screen are few. For example, the light pole screen has double configuration fans.